Monday, June 4, 2012

Slow & Steady...Finishes the Race!

Hello!  Hope you are all having a super afternoon!  After this post its going to be smoothie time over here, Peanut Fingers posted about her smoothie lunch and now I have a craving for one too!  Good thing I made a Costco trip recently and have their big bag of berries to use in my frozen treat.

  This Saturday is my much anticipated first half marathon, the Helvetia Half Marathon which is a bench mark for Portland Fitters also, after this we will be jumping into our full marathon training for the Portland Marathon in October.  When I was registering for the full marathon they asked if I wanted my bib to have a nickname or my name printed on it.  I wasn't sure at first, but then decided to go with SLW&STDY printed on my bib.  That is the mantra I'll have in my head this Saturday also, take it slow and stay steady so I can finish the race strong.  Since its my longest race my "goal" is to give it all I got and have a good time doing it!  Also a decent race picture wouldn't be to much to ask for either...I'll start practicing in the mirror.

I read a lot of running blogs, most of the runners are pretty fast IMO, even the ones who claim to be slow.  For a while there I wasn't sure if I would ever post my race times, because even though I was proud of them I didn't want to hear any virtual snickering.  Then I realized, who cares?!  I don't ever think of someone as "slow" I am proud of them and myself for being out there, so why would I think others would view me as slow?  And if they do, they are right, I am slow and its OKAY by me :)  So SLW&STDY is my bib for the Portland Marathon and if you see me out there with the back of the pack, cheer for me and the rest of my slowskies!

Anyone have any great smoothie recipe they just have to share?!   

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