Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fitness at Home

Good morning!  I decided to switch my up workout this week and do my cross training this morning instead of tomorrow.  I woke up thinking I had a date with Jilian but she totally bailed I have no idea where my DVD has ran off too...shows how often I've used it in the last couple months...fail.  So I got on PB Fingers Pinterest Fitness board and found this fun workout she had pinned.  Wall sits are a not nice word, I'll leave it at that.  I also added some planking and leg lifts at the end just to up my AB work, LOL, sorry but me talking about AB work makes me laugh.   

Yesterday I participated in the FitFluential Twitter chat with Super Nutrients and got a sample of Spirulina which I am really interested to try.  I am nervous to buy anything in large quantities that I haven't tried since a lot of that stuff is expensive and if I don't like it it'll just sit and be wasted.  I also ordered 2 sample packs of Click Espresso Protein Drink because they are having a BOGO on their sample packets, score!  Another thing I've been excited to try but weary of plopping down the $.  I'll spend 5$ and give it a shot! :) 

What was your workout/run this morning?  Did it change from what you thought you were doing?  

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