Monday, June 4, 2012

Mommy Mondays

Good morning!  Weather update: 60's and wet all week, boo.  Although if we are going to have a week like that this is a good one for it because I am fInAlLy going to get Sarah potty trained, even if it kills me.  Which to be honest with all of you, very likely will give me a few gray hairs.  Yesterday was our first day at it and she didn't use the potty once, she would sit on it after MUCH persuasion, but just sit.  I bought her a new Elmo book with sounds and buttons and a chart and so far she seems interested in the book...c'mon Elmo!

Katherine is potty trained, has been for quite a while now, and its so nice to have at least one of the girls completely out of diapers.  Although she has moved on to other things she is now into, like her favorite pair of high heels.

Jess went camping this weekend with some of his buddies from work on Saturday so I got to have the girls to myself Saturday night and most of Sunday.  Granted I get the girls to myself 5 days a week, there was something different about it being a weekend, it was much less scheduled and we just did whatever we felt like doing.  It also gave me a chance to sit and look at the calendar and realize this would be a fantastic week for shooting myself in the foot potty training.

This morning was a wet and rainy run but it wasn't cold so it actually wasn't so bad, I did a 3.58 easy run.  My June goal was to run 5 days a week with a cross training day fit in the week some where, right now my week schedule looks like this:

M - Easy
T - Track Work/Speed Work
W - My date with Jillian
Th- Easy
F - Off
S- Half Marathon!
Su - Easy 1 mile Recovery

Anyone else have a plan for the week or do you just wake up and wing it?  

Sarah has gone #1 in the potty twice since this morning, woo hoo!

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