Thursday, June 14, 2012


Good morning!  Soooo about cross training, ya I didn't do that, sorry.  I just didn't want to!  Ok?  Jess got home and the sun was shining, it was 60 degrees, the pavement was calling to me and I just couldn't let it down.  I am runner and therefore I run.

Well last night I was a slogger (Slug+Jog) I felt as if I was running through deep water the whole time.  I ran 5.3 miles but it could have been any distance because I never really loosened up or felt that great.

I've read its pretty normal to be a little stiff and sluggish after a long run like a half marathon or full marathon so I didn't let it bring me down.  I just kept slogging along!  I listened to my Helvetia play list and also realized that I enjoy my podcasts more so I think I'll stick to those on my solo runs.  When I run with Sharol on Saturdays I don't listen to music since we have a weeks worth of stuff to catch up on.  I notice I listen to music less and less on my I becoming a big girl?!  OMG, sniff sniff.  

I also finally downloaded (as I type) The Adam Carolla Show podcast, Katie says its hilarious and she knows funny.  I loved him on the Apprentice this year and his wife has twins, hello we are like soul mates?!  Anyone with twins automatically goes up about 10 notches in my "your so cool!" book, you have 5 year old twins in Kindergarten, OMG, you are like amaaaaaazing!  I am obviously very easy to please.  Plus in my younger years when I wasn't in bed by 10 and awake by 5:30 Jess and I would listen to him and Dr. Drew on the way home from any late outing, they were hilarious!  Now I just watch Dr. Drew on Teen Mom...and beg him to smack one of them say hello to Adam for me.

Such a pretty girl...but a really ugly cryer.  Stop it.

Well remember 5 years ago when I said we were going to the zoo that day?  Ya, we didn't many reasons why.  But today is the day!  I hope.  We are meeting our good friend and her little boys to run around the zoo and annoy every other person there.  YAY!  Going to be a good time had by all :) 

I know there are so many podcasts out there, any particular one I just have to download?!  

Anyone else a major zoo lover?  I am not, but I'll go every now and then.


  1. Adam Carolla is funny, I stopped listening for a little while because he was getting repetitive. Running Podcasts... you should check out the Palmetto Runner, Rnners Round Table, RunRunLive, and the 3 Non Joggers.

  2. Nice, thanks :) I'll have to try those out!


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