Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Just Not A Joiner

Hello!  Today is Cross Training day!  I thought maybe putting an exclamation point after that statement would make it didn't.  I haven't actually done the cross training yet, I made the cardinal sin of saying I'll do it tonight, I keep telling myself that I WILL do it tonight and lets hope I hold myself to it.  Honestly I would rather go out for a run, but I know I need to start getting in the different muscle groups if I want to start seeing any improvement and all of that blah blah blah.  I've been looking into different options of gyms and whatnot to join so that I have a group environment and some accountability.  But gosh dang, they are expensive!  Miss Tina from Carrots and Cake talks about CrossFit a lot and I know we have a local CrossFit right here in town.  I got in touch with the main guy and found out about their programs and schedule and then came the $120 a month, GAH!  Maybe if I planned on going 5 times a week and all of that, but I would go once MAYBE twice as my cross training for running.  I just can't swallow that pill, sorry Cross Fit.

Then I looked up the prices for the local Boot Camp at the YMCA also here in town, super easy.  I am thinking its the Y how much could they possibly charge?!  GAH!  $80 for 1x per week!  1 time!  $225 if I can muster up the courage and pennies to go 3x per week.  Whoa.

Then it was on to a more corporate gym, 24 Hour Fitness.  They weren't so scary, I could pay $34 a month and have access to the entire gym plus the group classes.  Thing is I only have a few options of classes to chose from since I need to be there and back preferably before the girls wake up and Jess takes off for work.  So I am going to stick with my dear friend and personal trainer Jilian Michaels.  Girl knows her stuff and she is all about circuit which is good for someone with working out ADD.

So my search today brought me back to a lot of the reason why I really prefer running over other types of exercise, its a no brainer!  For the most part you pick a time of day that works best for your life and you strap on a good pair of fitted shoes and you head out.  You can come up with your route while you out there, you pick the music or no music and you don't have any $ coming out of your pocket each month because you've signed away your life on some contract.  You make a contract with YOURSELF to get healthy, feel good and improve by your own standards and goals.  Yes today has concreted in me why I just love to run, the freedom of it is everything I have always tried to find in a gym.

I have a couple more hours of procrastinating...


  1. I have also been going back and fourth with this. I do my "at-home" workouts along with running, but would like to incorporate more, like bike riding (stationary of course) and maybe some yoga and bootcamp classes...But the commitment of the gym always scares me... maybe someday I'll suck it up! After all, my work does pay for it as long as I go 6 times a month, that's doable, right??

  2. How about I join as you?! 6 times a month is pretty doable, its really only once a week and one extra thrown in there...I mean you could go and sit in the hot tub right?! LOL! So jelly...

  3. I'm just amazed that there is an escalator in front of a 24 hour fitness... and it's being used!

    1. I have to wonder how real that is LOL! But it wouldn't surprise me...


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