Friday, June 15, 2012

Enjoy Summer!

Good morning!  I did an quick 2.34 miles this morning, I am sore and my body is tired so I listened to it.  I had planned on doing an 8(25x25) on the track and only did probably 5.  But I ran home the long way and pushed myself to run it hard.  Tomorrow is my long run, 9 miles and tonight is date night!  I am glad I pushed myself out the door because it is so beautiful this morning.  The sky is 100% blue and it was the perfect temperature.  These are the mornings I am so grateful I run because I have a reason to be out at 6 AM to enjoy this beautiful morning.

I realize that summer hasn't "officially" started on the calendar, but according to the kids in my neighborhood its summer vacation!  YAY!  Even heard the ice cream truck last night ;)  Granted my kids last day of Mommy & Me Preschool is this morning, I always share in the joy of summer vacation.  

My friend's daughter, who also happens to be our neighbor, was promoted to high school last night.  Sarah and I went over to bring her a gift and tell her congrats.  When she came bounding the stairs to see us I almost cried, she just looked so beautiful, hello emotional much?!  Its amazing to watch all of these use to be little kids grow up into young adults, its a neat time for sure.  OK OK sorry, I am very poor girls, I am so THAT mother.

Yesterday was the Zoo and guess what?!  I actually had fun, I think the girls did too!  I think my recipe for success at the zoo was making an iced coffee beforehand with my new favorite obsession, Click!  I don't normally like mocha flavored things, but again I was pleasantly surprised.  

My favorite animal this time was the Hippos, I feel like I can relate to them lately.  

Feed Me!  Please? 

Sarah and the Giraffe's had the same hair style.  

You may not have noticed yet, but I can take some uh-mazing photographs.  See what I did here?  Looking at fish, used the fish eye lens on my camera...oh man, I should teach classes.

Nobody can wear jeggings like my Sarah-Bear. 

Well I am outta here, going to bake buy some treats for our last day of preschool extravaganza and possibly pick up an iced coffee for me while we are there...depends on how good my behavior is in the store though. Remember, buy the treats before eating the treats.  Got it, okay.  

Who else has their long run this weekend?  How far?  

Its Father's Day Sunday!  Any big plans?!  
I have a few small things planned for Jess.  ;) 

Does anyone watch the show Saving Hope on NBC?  
I have started watching it and I have to say so far I am really liking it!

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