Wednesday, June 6, 2012

National Running Day!

Good morning!  It is National Running Day, how exciting is that?!  Oh did I run this morning, logical  I am going to run tonight, I put it my book that way so I'll stick with it.  I didn't get to bed till almost 11 last night and with the half this Saturday I don't want to cut my sleep short so I figure I'll do my quick 6(45x45) tonight once Jess gets home.  I don't want to skip it completely because those short speed work runs are quickly becoming one of my favorites.  I love pushing myself for those 25-45 seconds to see how fast I can go and how long I can hold it, its surprisingly fun.

Other than that its been a really nice week so far at our house.  Sarah is kicking you know what at potty training and we've had enough breaks in the weather we've actually got to play outside a bit and throw sand at each other  enjoy the sun.  Besides a quick run to our neighborhood elementary school this afternoon (play date!) I am going to juice up some veggies that need some attention in my veggie drawer.  There are a lot of them in there and it would be a lot quicker to consume them if I just juiced'em up!  Now I swear I heard somewhere that Starbucks had bought a juice company...I'll have to look more into that!  It would give me just one more reason to go there...sorry Jess!      

Does anyone else juice their fruit and vegetables?  

Any fun combinations you wanna share with me?!

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