Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fight Club Saturday

Good morning!  I stayed up way to late Friday night, not by choice just by sheer not being able to fall asleep basically.  Probably didn't help that Lucy was barking and whining at something in the corner of our room that didn't exist, ya that's helpful Lucy, thanks!  Creeeeepy!  But as pointed out by my best friend Katie who works graveyard, at least I got SOME sleep.  She gets up on Friday around 2 (after working all night Thursday) stays awake the rest of the day and night and proceeds to run with her running group when she gets off of work Saturday morning.  So I'll take my 5 hours, happily!

Saturday morning we ran 5 miles out to this beautiful beaver. 

And then 5 miles back to our meeting spot in NW Portland, but not before we were delayed by a train about 1.5 miles away from my snack time and stretching.

When we got back to our starting spot I went to get my snack out of the car and there was a life size Barbie Jeep in the parking lot.  Every girls dream right?!  

The rest of the day was spent with the girls, we got some Fro yo!

Some of my favorite blogging girls have been talking about Fro Yo for the last 2 weeks and I finally gave into temptation and we went down to Polar Bear yogurt in Sherwood and got some of the frozen goodness! Jess went camping last night with some friends so we watched The Incredibles, ate some popcorn and went to bed at 9...those 10 miles took it out of me yesterday.  

Who else did their long run yesterday?  How long and what are you training for?!

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