Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quinoa Salad

Good morning!  Mine started early, well only 10 minutes earlier than my alarm but you know when you get woken up just before your alarm is set to buzz and it makes you really angry?!  Oh, maybe that is just me.  Anyway, Sarah came in to our room at 5:20, which is HIGHLY unusual, this girl can sleep.  I thought to myself, well I'll just get an early start and head out for my run...wrong.  As I was drinking my coffee and reading my blogs Sarah came and stood in the office doorway annnnnnd puked.  Poor little thing had no idea what was happening and was quite upset by the whole event.  So we scooped her up, put on Nemo and she is resting comfortably.  No run for me this morning and that is okay, Mommy first.  I am thinking its from the pool water she was asked repeatedly not to drink yesterday...wish she was old enough to learn that lesson, but I doubt it.

So instead I'll share with you a delicious quinoa salad I had last night!  Realizing I should have taken a picture, sorry I am really new to this blog thing!  I found it on Pinterest and then tweaked it to match the stuff I had on hand.  I made some plain quinoa per the boxes directions and let it cool in the fridge while I got the girls ready for their dinner.  I added avocado, black beans, cilantro and a couple spoon fulls of Rotel Diced Tomatoes (those are my favorite!) mixed it all up and voila!  I wished I would have had some corn to add to it I think that would have made it perfect.  I have plenty left over so today I'll be having that for lunch!

This is the picture from Pinterest, mine didn't look so fancy.  The recipe is from Clean Eating Magazine and can be found here: 

Quinoa - Southwest Quinoa Salad

If Jess gets home early enough tonight I'll head out for a run or I'll just take the forced rest day, haven't decided yet!

Anyone else have any great quinoa recipes they would want to share?  Its one of my new favorites! 

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