Thursday, May 17, 2012


Good morning!  Last night I went on a run since I missed my usual morning outing.  I felt really strong and fast, well fast for me.  I worked on keeping my pace up hills and I worked on keeping my eyes up, I have a bad habit of looking down when I run and everything I've read and been told has said to keep your eyes up to keep your pace strong.  I think I am finally breaking that bad habit, I am sure I'll just pick up another one to replace it.

I wore my new Dry Fit running socks I picked up from Target the other day.  At Portland Fit a couple Saturdays ago they told us that in order to avoid blisters we shouldn't wear cotton socks, this was news to me! I am so new to running I am still learning a ton about just the basics and the importance of certain gear and fabrics.  I've been dealing with two blisters right on the side of my feet for about 2 fun!

These socks were pretty comfortable, they have weird "tabbed" ankle top, does that even make sense?  But I could tell the difference when I get home, my feet were nearly as wet and sweaty as they were when I would just wear my cotton socks from Costco.  Oh Costco...I could live there, but couldn't everyone?!  

Well as much as I liked my Nike+ plus watch, I have fallen head over heels in love with my iPod Nano and watch band.  It is my Mother's Day gift from my family and I just absolutely love everything about it.  The Nike+ Fitness app is built right in and very easy to figure out.  I am still learning a lot about it and how to get the most use out of it, but my last 4 runs with it have been great.  I can read it easily while I am running, its comfortable on my wrist and keeps track of all of my runs, not just my most recent.  I love being able to see all of the data right in one place and the lady talks to me after the run and reads all of my stats to me, makes me feel special.  Also I can have pictures on it, so its perfect for a mom like me who loves to show off her kids!  Because you know everyone at the start of a race wants to strike up a convo about the weird lady's kids right?!  

Today a tempo run is in the books but Jenny is still not doing well, they have moved her back to the ICU so I am going to be there this afternoon/evening which is where I really need to be.  Maybe I'll do my Tempo tomorrow, we'll see!  I hope your all having a good morning and get out there and get a good run in for me!  

What is your favorite running watch/music player/etc?  Love to hear what works best for others and why!


  1. I'm dying at how cute your dog is!

    I use an ishuffle only because I like how tiny and weightless it is. I only use it on say 1-2 runs a week but its nice to just clip on. I can't stand running with anything heavy especially once it is summertime and I'll have to carry a handheld water bottle. The bad thing about the ishuffle though is that you can't listen to!

    I also have a Garmin 205...loves it!

    1. She is super cute! Her name is Lucy, such a doll :) She says Thank You for the compliment!

      A lot of runners love the Garmin 205! I was aiming for an iShuffle until the techy husband got involved :)


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