Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yummm Kale

Happy Afternoon!  Yesterday on our way home from a friend's house we stopped in Old Town Sherwood to pick up a birthday gift, place was closed, and pick up some produce from an independent stand/store.  I love to pick up my produce from Ray's, its a small little market right in the heart of Old Town and they have everything I could get from a big supermarket but at better prices and its a small local business.  The girls love to "help" pick out the veggies and fruit and I like to see them get excited about bagging everything up.  I was able to grab all of my favorites plus some extras that just sounded good.

I should have gotten more avocados, I probably eat at least one a day, sometimes two.  I put them on my breakfast toast, my lunch salad and depending I either incorporate one into dinner or snack on a half of one after dinner.  Growing up I always ate a lot of vegetables, my mom would have them with everything we ate and my Grandma always had a big salad for everyone with all of her dinners.  I still love salads and eat at least one a day.  Since becoming a vegetarian I've started to experiment with more and more vegetables and I haven't found one that I haven't liked...even brussel sprouts and those use to always freak me out.  I hope that by taking the girls with me to places like Ray's they will start to feel the same way about veggies as I do...it hasn't happened yet, but I am still trying!

The green leafy veggie still in the bag is Kale, yum!  I love to make Kale chips for a snack when I want something salty and I kid you not they are amazing, for reals.  Even Jess will eat them and my little brother who single handily keeps the fast food industry in business.  I need to get Katie to try them, she is a chip lover and I know if she tried these she would really like them and they would kick her chip habit!  Now if there was only a vegetable out there that would kick my ice cream habit...

When Jess got home last night we put our shoes on and headed out for a walk, we've had the nicest evenings this last week and had to go out and enjoy it.  

Lucy decided she could use the fresh air and excitement and she wanted to try out her new mad skill, turning her head completely backwards and upside down. 

Such a good Dad pushing his girls :) Where's mom?  Fixing Lucy's head...

We'll have to try and get out there again tonight, suppose to get cooler as the week goes on.  I am actually thinking about another run tonight, doing a tempo run at the track, would that be crazy?!  Nah!

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