Thursday, May 3, 2012

Get Some Popcorn, Its Gonna Be a Long One!

Good morning world!  It has been a very busy and family filled last month for us over here!  The Friday before Easter we loaded up the car and headed to Montana to spend the holiday with our family.  From time to time I'll stay a little longer than Jess and this time I stayed 2 more weeks.  There wasn't as much running as I hoped for, but I did get out at least 2 or 3 times a week.  OK I am going to be honest...more like 2 times a week.  Not going to make up a bunch of excuses, but seriously running while choking on dust and tripping on gravel just doesn't do much for your confidence or motivation.  Needless to say my first run when we got home was pure joy and beauty LOL!  The air smelled so fresh and clean with everything in Sherwood in full bloom.  Plus there was some weird thing in the sky, they called it "sun?", it wasn't something I had ever ran in so it made me hot and I didn't like that.

We came home last week, Tuesday, with my MIL and did all sorts of fun things while she was here!

You have to visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory if you've never been

But in my opinion, you have to make a stop at the Blue Heron French Cheese Co. which is right down the road.  They have a fun little petting zoo for the kids and its much more "grown up" inside.  They have a little deli where you can get some really good lunch, wine tasting, an espresso bar and a lot more, I highly recommend making a stop in there.

Its almost child abuse keeping Katherine in our little house in the suburbs, girl needs a farm.

Sarah on the other hand could take it or leave it!  No, she loved the animals!

On Tuesday we headed to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon.  

Took a ride on the cow train!

Sarah is such a trooper...

Hey girls!  Look at your mother! 

This is Grandma's 2nd time to the Tulip Festival, the girl's 3rd.  We just love it out there, serious eye candy.

Prettiest little flowers lol

It was a busy month, but a fun one no doubt.  Now that I am back I am working towards my half marathon goal on June 9th.  I am so excited to conquer that and move towards my first full marathon on October.  Today is our first full day back to normalcy and that means getting back to the schedule of not just running but also the girls activities as well!  Vacations are always so much fun and we always miss Grandma so much when she goes home.  I hope you all had a good vacation from me too because I am back at it!  I missed my blog a whole bunch and have a lot to catch up on!  

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