Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fight Club Morning

Good morning ladies and gents, up far to early for any human on a Saturday but today is my Portland Fit run!  Its only 10 miles this morning and that actually seems short compared to the 12 we ran last week.  It was a big jump to go from 8 to 12 so I am looking forward to conquering 10 since it kinda got skipped.  I didn't run nearly as much as I wanted to do this week and instead of beating myself up over it I am going to go out this morning feeling strong and start new next week.  For reals, not kidding!  My half marathon is only 6 Saturdays away and for you super-runners (i.e. anyone with a 9.5 pace or above IMO) that seems like a world away but to this girl who is striving for an 11-minute pace it means buckle down time!

In other self deprecating news, you know when people who are drunks say "oh no, last night at the bar I totally fell off the wagon."  Well, I have completely without a doubt fallen off of the "No Sugar" wagon and by fallen off I have hit the ground face first, nose broken, eye swollen shut, broken arm fallen off the damn "No Sugar" wagon and I am a little perturbed.  I was seriously killing it with the no sugar from about January till Easter...oh can you see a connection?  Ya, that would be the time spent at my in-laws.  ARGH!  They eat sugar, I mean they did raise Jess and that man can put away the junk food like no body's business.  Did I give in?  Yes.  Am I proud of it? No.  But I can't get off of it now!  So I am going to have to sit down and read Sarah Wilson's book again

Its an awesome read, quick, and when I read it the first time it lit a fire under me and I got off of the white stuff like it was nothing.  I highly recommend this book and her blog ( to anyone who has an issue with sugar and wants to get off of that roller coaster.  Trust me, its not good for us and its in EVERYTHING!  

OK off of my soap box, off to get ready for my 10 miles this morning and then get ready for my Birthday weekend!  Oh have I not told you?!  Yes Monday is my birthday and therefore that means this weekend is my birthday weekend, woop woop!  Get out there and run this morning poeple!  

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