Friday, May 18, 2012

Five Facts Friday

Good morning!  Oh man am I clever or what?!  Actually I am sure somebody already came up with that, but I'll use it too.

1st Fact 
I need to learn how to make Creamy Tomato Soup the way they do at Panera, that stuff is the bomb diggity!

2nd Fact
I am running with my Portland Fit group tomorrow morning and 10 miles are scheduled!  I am excited!

3rd Fact
On Sunday I am running a 10K with my BFF Katie, its the Run Girlfriend Run race in Sandy Oregon.  Its a women's only run which I've never done before so I am really looking forward to it.

4th Fact
We are going to the Zoo today so I am counting that as my workout.  Why you ask?  I am going with my good friend Christie and her two boys, have you ever been to the Zoo with 4 kids all 3 and under?  Yep, that's my workout today!

5th Fact
I just finished the rest of my Tomato Soup for my breakfast, its a vegetable and you eat it from bowl so it counts as a breakfast meal.

I hope you all have a fantastic TGIF!  Please send prayers my and the Zoo don't usually get along and I go once a year.  Looks like today is the day for 2012!  Let's do this!

Anyone else love/hate the Zoo?

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