Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Damn YOU Wagon!

First things first, Jenny is going to be OK!  Her numbers have literally dropped from the sky, she is out of ICU and in a regular room where she can eat and I'll be picking her up and taking her home either tomorrow or Friday.  SO HAPPY!!!

Now on to our regularly scheduled programming...

Wow am I having a difficult time with getting off of the white stuff...again.  The first time in January I was so motivated, so confident, so sure I could do it!  This time is a whole new ballgame and its affecting everything, my mood, my running, all of it.  I am back to the old mindset of "who cares, I am a mom and I don't need to be fit or cute" um....WRONG!  Man that is such a wrong and bad mentality, bad bad bad.  Yes I need to be fit, for myself and my own confidence.  So I am announcing it here that as of right now, 10:11 AM in Sherwood that I am done, I am off of it for good.  No more white bread with sugar, no more treats, no more of that junk that just messes me up in all sorts of fun ways, not just my fat stomach.  I am going to start from the ground floor of the I Quit Sugar program and this time stick with it.  I completely let myself slip into the abyss with my trip to Montana and that was just not okay.

I went out to dinner last night with Katie to pick up our Doggie Dash gear and have dinner at the Spaghetti Factory.  The girls were so good at dinner and I ordered a BLT salad with no B and it was really really good and I was totally content with that.  They even served spumoni at the end and of course I had mine...really Dani?  Good choice....

Then we went to Old Navy where I tried on some clothes and proceeded to want to hack away at my body with the metal trimming on the stall....still glad you had the spumoni Dani?  So with my self loathing in full gear I said goodbye to Katie and headed home, wish that was the end of my story, but nope, hey look a 24 hour McD at the next exit yep I'll get a McFlurry, GENUIS IDEA!!!!  So needless to say, not happy with myself this morning at all.  Not happy for so many reasons, but mainly because I know how important it is to have a healthy body, not just because I am striving to become a better runner but because I am a mother and I set the freaking example in this house with two little girls, c'mon Dani get your shi* together.  So I am making the choice again to make better choices.  I need to remember how bad the white stuff is to our bodies, its literally a drug.   It makes a perfectly sane woman (most of the time) make really insane decisions.

So is anyone with me?

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  1. Glad Jenny is ok! But you are too hard on yourself! LOL


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