Wednesday, May 9, 2012

OK OK I Surrender!

So apparently I am just way to hard on myself, says the one with the size 2 shorts and can't seem to eat enough to keep the weight ON...won't name any names, she knows who she is.  Its a hard thing for a lot of girls I believe, we all struggle with our body image and never feel quite right with it, but enough of that, like I said, I've surrendered!

On a fun note!  Yesterday we picked up our bib and shirt for the Doggie Dash this Saturday on the Portland Waterfront.

I am really looking forward to this event mainly because of all of the four legged friends that will be joining us!  Sadly Lucy will be staying home for this particular event, she is just really small and not ready to dash for the 2.5 miles.  Sorry sweetie!

She appears very disturbed by this news

We'll start training on Sunday for next year! 
I don't think she believes me...crazy eyes!

This last Sunday Katie had me and her family over for a birthday dinner to celebrate her MIL's and my birthdays.  Her sweet sister in law Shannon gave me $20 bucks to buy something running related in her words, so I followed her directions yesterday and bought a pair of Nike running shorts from the Rack.  Do I love running in shorts...I dunno, we'll see I guess!  I see a lot of front wedgies in my future and lots of awkward trying to pull them out while I think no one is looking...someone is always looking.

And I also picked up this number...questioning myself as to what I was thinking, was it the sugar?  We'll see if this sticks around or goes to Katie.  She's small enough to pull it off and won't look weird, sorry if that is self deprecating but c'mon!

Any who...tomorrow might be the day they release Jenny from their grips at the hospital so fingers crossed I'll be driving her home tomorrow! 

Now that summer is coming up, YAHOO, what are you favorite running pieces when it starts to get hot?

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