Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cross Training Floss Training

Good morning!  Weather update!  Going to be 74 today :)  Like Vector from Despicable Me would say "oh ya oh ya!"  Suppose to be nice for the next couple days and them BAM its the weekend and we are back to rain...10 miles in the rain on Saturday, meh its no thang.  This morning was an easy run, I wish I would have had my camera or phone like I usually do because there was a random hot air balloon up in the sky this morning, I bet it was a beautiful view from up there!

I have found a new obsession, running magazines.  I want to read them all of the time from cover to cover, I cannot get enough.  A couple weekends ago when I was spending a Saturday at the hospital with Jenny I had splurged and bought a couple running magazines I had never read before, which the not read list is longer than the read list.  Before this new obsession I was never huge on magazines, I saw their appeal but wasn't ever really impressed with any particular one.  I had a membership to a few in hopes that they would get better, but usually 1 of every 5 would be good and that isn't that impressive.

So far I've read 5 running magazines and I have gotten a lot out of every one of them, its probably because its the first time a topic is relevant to me.  Besides when I was pregnant, but those were all about women who were pregnant with one, HELLO I have two and lemme tell you that is a WHOLE other ballgame.

In some of the articles they talk about cross training and I just sigh, while it sounds so good in theory and I would love to do some different workouts outside of running, its just not in the cards.  Katie and I were talking about that at the Rum Run on Saturday, we both looked at each other and said "I run so that I don't have to do anything else!" LOL!  Right now I am solely concentrating on getting myself to do all of the training runs that Portland Fit has laid out for us, if I get a chance to get in a different workout I will but honestly I run because I enjoy running.  I normally don't like to workout solo, I've always preferred a group class over just working out in the gym alone.  With running I can be anywhere mostly and get my run in and I really like that sense of freedom.  I will probably start introducing more cross training workouts into my life eventually, but right now I am purely focused on my running because its what I enjoy the most and you should always do the workout you are happy doing so that you keep doing it, right?!

I hope you all have something active that you all enjoy doing, share what it is!  

I keep going back and forth about getting a membership at our local YMCA, its really close and has a decent gym and group work out classes...I just struggle with the idea of having a gym membership and not using it.

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