Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Wrap-Up

Good afternoon, missed you guys this morning.  I woke up at 5:30 as usual but felt so tired, I did what I normally do and walk around the house in hopes that it would shake the feeling, I even went and stood in front of the coffee maker which always gets my motor running, but the couch was calling my name.  So I caved, grabbed our throw blanket and cuddled up for another hour.  It was glorious.  Jess came out at 6:30 and asked if I went oh ya, I was suppose to run this morning.  Oh well, tomorrow was my scheduled rest day but I'll do my tempo run tomorrow morning and take today as my rest.  Its already the middle of the afternoon here and the girls and I are thoroughly enjoying our rest day together :)

The month of May was a very interesting month, there were a lot of ups and downs and a lot of running.  I ran in 3 races and all with my BFF Katie which was a great excuse for us to get together so much this month.  Saturday May 12th was the Oregon Humane Society's Doggie Dash in Downtown Portland which was a lot of fun, my running wasn't great and I didn't feel very good but outside of my own issues the event itself was a lot of fun!  There were so many pugs!  I should have taken their picture, but like with people's kids I didn't know how animal parents would feel about me snapping away.    

Sunday May 20th I ran the Run Girlfriend Run in Sandy, it was my first 10K and I learned lattes pre-race are not a good idea, save them for after!  Besides the latte stomach issue, that luckily passed by mile 3, the race was awesome!  Sandy is gorgeous, the course was pretty easy and finished up on a beautiful trail.  I would love to sign up for RGR again next year, with my BFF of course!   

Last but not least last weekend I ran the 10 Cane Rum Run in Tualatin which is just a hop and a skip from me in Sherwood.  I was originally going to do the 10K but decided last minute to do the 5K since I ran 12 miles the day before.  I will be doing this race again, mojitos at the end?!  Um yes please!  I felt really strong throughout the whole race and probably could have pushed myself a lot harder but overall was really happy with my results.  Plus Katie accomplished a PR and finished the race 24:29!  So proud of her!  You can learn more about my BFF here!

May was rough there were a lot of changes that happened and many more that will be coming in the next few months and my pre-running self would have been a lump of crap on the floor, full of self pity and complaining.  Since I chose to keep running throughout the month and stick with my race plans I know I've been able to deal with all of it so much better and have a much brighter outlook on all of the situations.  Life isn't perfect and it never will be but having the strength to keep going and look ahead is a gift running has given me.  I am able to clear my head and think when I am out running and it puts everything in perspective.  Tomorrow is a new month!  June is when I run my first half marathon, so excited!  

Looking forward to a new month with all of you!  

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