Sunday, April 8, 2012

What What in the Butte

Hello!  I hope you are all enjoying your Easter weekend with your families, I know we are!  We left early Friday morning to drive to Montana to spend the Easter weekend with our family here.  It was a loooong drive, we left at 5 AM and arrived here in Belfry at 10:00 PM.  The drive is something we can practically do with our eyes closed anymore, the girls have been doing it since before they were even a year old so they awesome travelers, it also helps that we have the entertainment system in the back for them.  Best. Invention. Ever!

We stopped for lunch in St. Regis which is basically just a large rest stop for people traveling.  They have a huge travel stop with a great gift shop where you can buy anything a tourist could want!  They even had a Trout Aquarium...only in Montana.  The picture isn't very good...obviously.

You can get yourself a cowgirl hat for the rodeo

You can buy a decorative fan in the shape of your dog 

You can buy a pretty sign to hang in your house declaring your love for your pet 

After we shopped till we dropped we ate lunch at the diner, one of my favorite parts of small diners in Montana is their coffee cups.  I love the brown, circa 1972 coffee cups.  I wonder if they still make these of if they really are from 1972...things one thinks about during a 14 hour car ride.

Jesse's favorite thing about Montana diners in general is when you ask for a side of ranch they bring you the entire bottle.  They know what you really want :)

It was a long ride but worth it, we got here safe and sound and every time we come its like we never left.  Grandma's Christmas cards are still up hanging up nicely with her Easter decor :)  I have a different blog post about my first run out here, it was such a beautiful day and DRY!  

Happy Easter everyone!  Once I can find a more continual internet connection I'll be back on schedule. But no worries, I am still running, just not on busy eating delicious road food.

What is everyone doing for Easter weekend?  

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