Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gels, Bars & Shakes OH MY!

OK so I love all things associated with running so far, what I love the most is that when you do long distance they encourage you to eat snacks, yes during the marathon they say to eat something while running...have I found my dream activity?  Why yes I have!  So help me in my quest to find all things running and snacking related please.  So far the only gel I have tried is the GU brand, I've had the Chocolate Outrage and the Peanut Butter.

Does anyone out there have an opinion on these type of gels in general?  Not just the GU brand, but anything like them.  I am sure there are about 100 more types out there I haven't tried, any recommendations?  

Now onto the snack bars!  I think most people would tell you those are great before run snacks...or am I totally wrong?  I really like Zone bars so far and keep them in my car for when I become violently hungry and my children's lives are in danger.  A friend of mine likes to have them before her morning races.

I found these the other day at Safeway, they are called Think Thin 

They are pretty good I have to say!  Besides grabbing me with their snazzy name they also got me with the 0 grams of sugar, yes!  I am really trying to cut sugar from my diet.  I don't want a lot of it in my snack bars and these taste really good!  Plus they remind me to Think Thin which is ALL anyone needs to do in order to be thin :) HA!  

Last but not least protein shakes!  Or as the husband has kindly referred to them (think deep man voice) "Beeeeeeefcake"  Yes he is all things supportive :)  I buy a big ol'tub from Target.

I don't know anything about protein powders, I just know I like them in my smoothies and secretly laugh when Jess does his awesome body builder impression as I am scooping it.  I like this one because it also has low sugar and its what I've been drinking since I started buying protein powders.  Any other suggestions?

I hope you all enjoy Friday-Eve, I know I will!  I am torturing, oh I am mean, taking the girls to see the Easter Bunny today.  They LOVE going to see the Easter Bunny...

Am I a good mother or what?!

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