Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Love You All to Belfry and Back!

OK, finding internet here has been a serious challenge!  Oh my...and running on gravel is not my friend, ouchie.  I did 4 miles last night and my legs and feet hurt worse than when I did my 8 miles last weekend.  Speaking of which, I think tomorrow will be my 10 miles.  Luckily my MIL has an elliptical so tonight I'll be easy on my feet and use that while I watch a movie.  Which might be dangerous because then I'll want to have one in my house.   I don't have the ability to post any of my pretty pictures of my first run, but I am hoping that at some point tomorrow or the next day I can travel somewhere for some decent connection.

OK I have to go because I am borrowing my SIL's internet off of her phone to be able to use to my MIL's laptop.  See how much I love you guys!  I miss you all, so ready for some internet...will pay dearly!  Longer more interesting posts to come!  Hope you all are enjoying your week :)


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