Thursday, April 26, 2012

Signed my life away...till October

Well I did it, I register for the Portland Marathon this morning.  It seemed like the logical thing to do after just finishing up a really unsuccessful, didn't give it my best run this morning.  Right?!  I figured I need to register for it 1) because its filling up fast and I'll miss my chance and 2) so that it becomes a reality and I won't have an out.  So I am all registered and ready to go for October 7th at 7 AM with my Best Friend Katie and all the other crazies I love so much!

Other races I am registering for this next week are:

May 12th, Portland - Doggie Dash  5K
Doggie Dash 2012

May 19th, Sherwood - Friar Trot  10K

May 20th, Sandy - Run Girlfriend Run 10K

May 27th, Tualatin - Rum Run 10K 
Marathon Vancouver WA

Some would say that I have a problem, by some I mean the Husband.  Happy Running today folks!  Do better than I did!

Who else is registering for a race this week?  What race?

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