Friday, April 27, 2012

Being all YOU can be

Good morning, its my 3rd morning home and I am surprisingly dragging myself out of a bed a whole lot easier than I thought I would be able to.  Getting ready for my run with my coffee, water and some toast, some people can just pop out of bed and hit the ground running (literally) but I like to take my time if at all possible.  I don't run very well on an empty stomach and I need to have a least a little bit of water in my system for me to get anywhere at all.  So I am sitting here doing my little pre-run routine knowing everybody is different when it comes to their pre-run routine.  While I was getting dressed and preparing all of that I am thinking to myself how crappy a runner I am and why I bother...seriously, these thoughts are swirling through my head this morning at 5:30 AM, way to early to be self doubting, can't I least wait till noon for that?!  Why am I self doubting and why do I think I am the world's crappiest runner you ask?  Because I am not fast, no joke.  Lately I haven't been excited about my runs, haven't been able to get my head in the game and not working towards my distance goals like I've been wanting.  I just cannot seem to get myself motivated because I keep having this nagging sense of "why bother, you aren't fast just go home".

Well I am done thinking that way right now.  I am done trying to keep up with people who are much faster than me and I am done putting myself as a runner down.  You know what?  I get up every morning (even Saturdays!) at 5:30 AM to get my run in so I have it done before my girls are awake, I just signed up for a marathon, hello!  A MARATHON!  If I was someone else looking at me I would think, good job, good for you, the thought of how fast that girl is or if she can keep up with her friends doesn't even cross my mind when I think of other runners so why am I putting so much pressure on myself?

This morning I am done with all of that and I want all of YOU to be done with it too.  We are runners and that is flipping fantastic and I am doing a marathon this year, yes its going to be slow, but as of right now I do not care anymore.  My goal for that marathon is to stay steady and strong, not quit and be proud of myself at the finish line.  Yes my friends will finish before me, but lets look at the bright side, they'll be there to cheer for me when I cross that finish line :)  So no more self doubt, no more non-excitement for something I love, this morning my run will be all that I can be and it'll take me a while, WHO CARES!

Go out today and run, be all that YOU can be!  (in the army! sorry, I had to say!)


  1. You are a rockstar and look how far you've come already! You will only continue to improve and the speed will come :)) I think I've only gotten faster because I have a dog puling me so I had no choice! LOL! But slow and steady finishes the race strong and you'll be less likely to sustain injuries! Never doubt your accomplishments or second guess why you run, because you're a better runner today than you were a year ago! You will only get better and stronger. I love you and am proud of you lady!

    1. Your so sweet :) I have to stop comparing myself! But you are right, as usual, Loves!


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