Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Project Life Tuesday

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Today is April 3rd and as I promised I'll being doing my first Project Life post, today is Tuesday but I don't know if it'll continue to be a Tuesday thing or not...we'll see!

So I am completely behind for the month of March in my album, I have my photos ready but I haven't actually put them in or done any of the documenting.  For my first Project Life post I'll share some pages that are 100% complete, most of them are from the girl's 3rd Birthday in January.

I didn't go with Becky's Project Life album this year because I really like W R Memory Keepers albums and want to stick with their pretty pink album for the girls' annual book.  This is the book I am using for 2012:


I want to vamp up my title page but this year has already gotten away from me so it'll probably stay this way for quite a while, this is the layout that Becky shows you to do for the kit, see what I mean, she literally lays everything out for you!  Its practically a no brainer!

It would be more personal if I added some photos, so hopefully we'll get some family photos done this year and I can pop those in there. 

These are from the girls family birthday party we had at home

Then we had their big hoe-down at a gymnastics studio with their friends, this was their first "friends" birthday so they had a blast!

This place had everything a kid could want, a big foam bit to jump in and a train bounce house!
I had their cupcakes made and those were the smallest 3's I could find, they are a little large.

Becky Higgins added some different layout pages to her inventory this year which gives the book some different options for displaying and then documenting.

Then we went out to dinner with the girls Godparents!
I have some product left over from my previous 2 years of Project Life so I am try to incorporate that into my album this year.

These two pics are a typical week layout

The above picture of our dog Lucy were taken by Sarah, sometimes I don't even know she has the camera! When I plug it in to download our pictures its fun to see what she has been up to!  LOL!

I keep my album simple and easy and when and if I have time I'll pour some more creative energy into the layouts.  That is what I love about the entire Project Life concept, it can be whatever you need/want it to be.  I love that Sarah takes photos and we can incorporate those into the album, its fun to see her progress as a little photographer.  Also having photos that are taken by the girls is such a fun way to see things from their perspective :) 

Well this was my first Project Life post.  Next week I hope to be caught up on March and back to working on it week to week the way it was intended!  


  1. can't have a birthday without a good cupcake. i loveeeee cupcakes!

  2. Such a neat way to remember everything. Something you and them will treasure forever!

  3. HI! I'm new at Project Life as well. I just posted my third week. For right now I'm posting some bad digital pages that I'm making up while I wait for the Big Box of A Pages to be restocked. I'm a week behind (I'm not going to try to go back and do Jan and Feb, though) but decided not to wait any longer! I'm really enjoying it... hope you are, too!

    1. I am glad to hear you aren't waiting to get started, Becky's advice is to always just get started in the present. Always playing catch up can just wear you out and take all of the fun out of it. I absolutely adore Project Life, its my 3rd year with it and I've completely altered my entire way of documenting our families lives. Thanks for coming to visit, I hope you'll be back!


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