Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No Rain No Pain

This morning's run was dry, all together now, sigh ahhhhhh.  It was my first morning run this week since I snuck in my last run on Monday night (my non-rest-rest day).  Felt good to get out there and stretch it out this morning.  I am starting to incorporate some tempo runs into my weekly schedule, like Portland Fit suggests, but I still struggle with my pace...which I guess is why they suggest tempo runs?! LOL!  It was a short run, only 2.62, Jess needed to leave for work early this morning so I had to make sure I was back in enough time.  I love my morning runs, they pump me up for the rest of the day, which is good because there is a lot to do today!

If any of you are interested a fellow blogger, this lovely lady over at Run Oregon did a Runner Profile on me
Check it out! 

**Disclaimer** My links aren't pretty yet, I haven't figured that part of blogger out!


  1. I am a new runner/blogger as well! And now you have 5 followers!! Loved the oregonlive article about you. Great job!! Very inspirational.


    1. Oh thank you! 5 followers, woop woop! :)


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