Monday, April 2, 2012

Play Me Some Mountain Music

I wish I had something uber fun to talk about today but the highlight of my weekend was my 8 miles with Portland Fit.  Although, my 25$ pair of socks did arrive...yes I paid 25$ for a pair of socks.  Actually they were on sale, if I had bought them full price they would have been 50$!  Gaggg.  Yes Gaggg has 3 g's when I am really gagging thank you.
These are the ones that I got
Marathon Yellow

Except mine are pink, I wore them yesterday to feel cool and man I do feel the compression LOL!  Let's hope they help with all of that lactic acid I hear so much about :) 

Did anyone watch the ACM Awards last night or just me?  I am a HUGE country music fan and I feel like we have such a great group of Country Artists right now, last nights show was amazing.  My favorite performance of the night was the Zac Brown Band with Brad Paisley. 

Brad came out on stage wearing the same little beanie as Zac (yes we are on a 1st name basis) and I about died laughing.  I've been to 2 of Brad Paisley's concerts and they have been amazing both times so I love to watch his performances, plus the lead singer of the Zac Brown Band looks just like my brother in law, like insanely so.  

The ugliest dress of the night award goes to 

I could go on and on about the ACM's, maybe I will later! Lucky you!  I have a very long list to accomplish today, plus a play date with a good friend and her new little baby boy, oh I love babies!  Not enough to have anymore of my own but I love them when I can give them back when they start yelling and being babies :)  

What other gear do I need to become part of the runners club?!  

Why won't anyone ever answer any of my questions?! ;)

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  1. I've read lactic acid naturally goes back to normal a few hours after your run or so.
    Musts for a runner; music, hydration belt for long distances, anti-blister sock, hats and waterproof gear! And I personally swear by Gu, especially on little sleep!


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