Saturday, March 31, 2012

8 Miles Down 18 To Go!

Yesterday was my favorite run of the week, my Portland Fit run!  I missed last week's run because of my 5K Sellwood Scamper so today I was really amped up to get there.  A friend of mine decided to join up also so it was nice to do my 8 mile run today with a friend, I didn't turn on my music once.  Portland Fit this year is doing things a little differently and today was the Kick-Off for the Portland Marathon training, which was their original program.  I started 6 weeks ago with the Rock N'Roll Half Marathon Training so I felt like a veteran :) LOL

I got there around 7:30 and snapped this photo to show you all the beautiful weather we are experiencing here in P-Town!
 I am smiling because I don't know what else to do...crying would only make things even more soggy. 

Since yesterday was the big Kick Off to their Portland Marathon training Dennis from USA Fit was here to talk to all of us and give us some really great information.  He said so many things that resonated with me, I am not going to lie there were a few times I got chocked up...(*disclaimer* I am an extremely emotional person, I cry at commercials, even the ones that aren't suppose to be emotional).  The one thing he said that stuck with me all 8 miles was "It will change your life" and that is the truth.  Since I feel like I've accepted the fact that yes I am in the runners club its as if things have changed.  The girl who couldn't drag herself out of bed at 8 AM is now jumping up at 5:30 AM ready to get her run in, instead of planning dinner and drinks with my Best Friend Katie we are planning runs that we want to do together!  That is just the upper most layer really, if I dig real deep and fill you in on all that's Dani you'll want to hide from me, so let's just keep it superficial!  Basically becoming a runner ( I love saying that!) has changed my life in every good way possible.

I've been messing with pre-run breakfasts and this morning in addition to my almond milk protein shake I had a piece of toast, I figure 8 miles I could get some carbs in without guilt!  It seemed to do the trick, I ate my breakfast around 6:30 and felt good throughout my run.  I brought a GU with me to have around mile 4 in case my stomach started to feel a little hungry but I dropped it somewhere in the 1st 4 miles so that decision was made easy for me.  It wasn't a big deal because I didn't really need it, I figure I had brought it I would take it but not having it didn't change anything.

After the run I went to my favorite place! 
My favorite after run drink is a Whole Milk Latte, especially after this mornings pool party I really wanted something warm and filling.  I also splurged and got a Greek Yogurt with Granola, I know the granola can have a lot of sugar but gosh dang it I just ran 8 miles if I can't have it then I'll never be allowed to have it!  I'm sorry I yelled at you.  :)

I know today should be a "rest" day but I feel like I've taken my share of rest days LOL, so I am going to do a really easy run to Old Town and check out the new Yoga studio that is opening up then I'll take an easy run home.  Just to shake out my legs and also because I hate to waste a perfectly good day where I can get a run in.

Happy April's Fools Day!  I love this day, love all the practical jokes!

What would you recommend for a good pre-run breakfast?  

Some people say that you can recover faster by not taking a day in between your long run and your recovery run, I would LOVE some opinions on this!  

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  1. Sliced apples and peanut butter is good fuel and not too heavy. Or half a bagel and cream cheese, or peanut butter. Those are my go to breakfasts for when I'm in a hurry to hit the pavement!


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