Thursday, April 5, 2012

An Ode to the One I Love

Good morning!  I am drinking a cup of coffee before I head out for my last week day run this week.  It  itn't a very good cup :(  I use the single cup coffee makers and I ran out of K-cups this morning, I didn't know I had run out of K-Cups.

The whole thing has been extremely unsettling.  So I had to use my back up which is regular grounds that I have to manually put into another device and use with my Keurig, which makes for a weak cup of coffee and to be honest, a lot of work for me.  

Then not realizing that cup of coffee would be weak, I put the same amount of cream I would in my regular darker blend...its just so sad.  Going to choke it down and head out for my run this morning.  

Coffee is my friend, its something that I'll probably never to give up for any sort of challenge.  I was able to become a vegetarian relatively easily which surprised me and am getting close to kicking my sugar habit which I thought was just a pipe dream, but  You see coffee and me, we are friends.  Actually very close friends and you don't just turn your back on those you have supported through so many years.  

See you all soon!  I'm off!

Edited to add: 
Fun surprise when walking into my kitchen this morning, 2 K-cups taped to my sliding glass door, I live next to the sweetest woman!!!

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