Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My No Proof Run

We got here late last Friday night and after being cooped up in the car for 16 hours and eating foods nobody should have to eat, I was itching to get out and stretch my legs. Everyone had a different opinion of which way I should go not realizing once I get out there my legs take me where I want to go and I just run, but I listened and nodded and headed out. Its been such beautiful weather, the sun shines and there is no rain. I mean absolutely NO RAIN. I am sorry but sometimes those Oregon winters can go on just a bit to long IMO. I took my MIL's dog Diva on my run just because I thought it would be fun, she just ran along side of me, no leash needed, and we headed towards to my SIL's house which was about 1.5 miles away on a gravel road. I've driven that road probably 1000 or more times, but running it was a whole new perspective. There was some discrepancy over how long it was from my MIL's house to my SIL's house, but according to my watch it was 1.5 miles, which made my first run out here 3 miles. It was just a nice stretch it out run and it took about a mile before my legs warmed up and my calves weren't as tight as a rubber band. I feel like it was important to establish my routine out here, I didn't want to get complacent while on vacation and neglect everything I've been working towards. My Saturday morning run definitely kept me on track and helped me make better food decisions come our BIG Easter dinner later that day.

I had some really pretty scenic pictures of my run and I think one of the girls got a hold of my camera and decided they weren't blog worthy so instead I'll give you these completely unrelated pictures.

Like this beauty, hey girls wanna try and maybe smile for the picture?

Looking good Sarah, nice "cheese" smile 

Eggs full of candy?!  Why aren't Grandma's eggs in Oregon filled with candy?!

Oh yes and heaven forbid we take a decent picture with our mother, Sarah looks like I am pinching her and Katherine could care less, this was the best one out of 5.

How do you all stay on track when you are away from your routine?

Any tips to keep me on track with my food choices?!  

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