Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I did 5 miles yesterday, gravel road, dusty, dirty, missing my suburban concrete life.  Thank you for the good advice about not stressing about my runs, was a good dose of reality!

So I am glad I did my 5 yesterday and hopefully I'll get out there tonight for a few miles, may just wait to do my 10 when I get home and that is okay.  I finally got some pictures from my runs out here in Montana.

This is the river that runs right behind the my in-laws place

Jess could tell you what this is 

My view on my run, see I don't joke when I say the middle of no where 

I haven't just been sitting around on my butt!  I am making a quilt :) 
Well I am getting lots (and LOTS!) of help with it, but it is my first official quilt.  Pretty happy with it so far, just need to add the backing and binding and it'll be good to come home with me next week!

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