Friday, April 13, 2012

Its Not Easy Being Green

Hello Hello! How is life treating you in your neck of the woods? Its gorgeous here in Montana and I am soaking up as much of the weather as possible. The girls want outside immediately when they wake up and I can't get them fed and dressed fast enough so they can get out there. They've rode horses, dug big holes in the yard, jumped on Grandma's trampoline and road the 4-Wheeler to many times to count! They have a blast out here every time we come, such a nice break from the dreary and cold weather we get back home.

If you look really close you'll see Katherine holding a snow shovel, yes even the sand toys are bigger in Montana, not just the sky. 

If you all can't tell yet I am no photographer, Katherine looks like she has a mustache in this picture, its probably dirt.

Since being out in Montana I find myself getting a lot more grief for becoming a vegetarian then when I am home in Oregon. Granted, I am in Montana and I think just the state name mention alone can help you all understand why I am given such grief. LOL! Every where you look its cows and pigs and chickens and all sorts of animals and I can tell you that they are not pets. When Easter came around Saturday afternoon that is when my status as vegetarian really became apparent. Since I didn't really prepare much of the food (to many cooks in the kitchen situation) there wasn't a ton of meatless options...even the “salad” had bacon in it, chopped bacon, that was fun to pick through at the table. So what did I eat you ask? Starch, lots and lots of starch. I had to eat something so I loaded up on potatoes, a roll, some frozen broccoli with cheese and I dug through the “salad” so I could eat that too. Everything was really good, don't get me wrong, but it was hard to feel good about what I was eating. Just because I am a vegetarian doesn't mean I eat a lot of bread and white potatoes, I actually really try to stay away from a ton of carbs, unless they are complex, vegetable carbs. Sugar is my nemesis since I can't seem to have just a little bit without it trying to overtake my entire life, so I really need to watch how much of that I am eating. Not just candy, but sugar is in everything, things you wouldn't even expect sugar, take a look at some of your ingredient lists you'll be shocked.

Sarah would argue that Peeps are a food group and should be A-OK in my vegetarian lifestyle.

I finally went to the grocery store yesterday so that I could stock up on some things so I could eat and feel good about. Last night I made dinner for my MIL and SIL, I don't think they were super impressed!
The menu included:

Roasted Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts tossed with olive oil and salt & pepper
Long Grain Wild Rice
Green Salad with Tomatoes, Green Pepper and Tomato

Lets just say their plates weren't heaping. BUT! My SIL did say she liked the Brussels Sprouts, SCORE! I understand vegetarianism isn't for everyone and I don't stick my nose up at people who eat meat, just like I hope any vegans out there won't stick theirs up at me for eating some dairy, like cheese, oh man I love cheese! I feel good about what I made for dinner last night even though it wasn't a total hit, I liked it and felt good after clearing my plate. I felt good that my SIL said she liked the sprouts, maybe she'll introduce them into her own diet! Today I plan on making Katherine's favorite soup, Sweet Potato and Leek soup, its her absolute favorite and she devours at least 2 bowls every time I make it. Maybe my MIL will like it too...but I won't hold my breath!

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