Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sellwood Scamper Race Recap

Yesterday I ran a 5K with my BFF and another really great friend Sharol, we had such a good time and it was such a great race.  It was free (always a fun perk) and they gave us free socks, really nice socks too, score!  The race was put on by the new Foot Traffic that has opened up in Sellwood and it was a Grand Opening celebration.  The race took place through the Sellwood neighborhood, which I am sure all of you locals can imagine is just beautiful.  I felt really good about this race, I stayed with Katie the whole route, or should I say she slowed down her run and stayed with me.  About .5 of the way in I decided I am going to leave it all out on the course from now on and I ran what felt like my hardest the whole way.  Katie (BFF) was so encouraging the whole way, when she saw me looking down she would say "LOOK UP LOOK UP, looking down slows you down" words of wisdom!  She would say "Pain is weakness leaving the body" when she saw me lagging up the hills and when we saw the finish line we pushed it and sprinted and it felt good.  We had such a great race together and everyone seemed to be in the highest spirits the whole day.  Since Katie works graveyard (seriously the woman is a machine) she had to go home and sleep before her next shift once we were done with the race.

*I hate all pics of myself* gag

I went ahead to brunch with some of the other girls from the race and Sharol and ate a breakfast I am so ashamed of!  Thick cut french toast and a side of hashbrowns, oh yea and my mimosa!  So I'll be eating clean for a while now!  It was such an awesome day, it awakened my inner racer, not just runner.  Oh and I have to say that Sharol ran her BEST yet, very proud and happy for her.

Final Results
Finished in 30:12 with a 9:43 average pace

*Pictures from the race aren't ready yet but I'll post as soon as they are!*

I am off to spend a beautiful day with my girls and get my 5 mile run in, its in the books I gotta do it, even though I am secretly excited for it :)

Anyone else run a fun race this weekend?      

Did anyone run their best this weekend?!

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