Monday, March 26, 2012

I hear voices laughing at me...

I wear a fuel belt when I run and when I was at my 5K on Saturday all of my "friends" were making fun of me... I know, nice friends right?!  I get really thirsty when I run or workout, maybe I sweat a lot I don't know but I drink all 3 of my water bottles on most every run over 3 miles.  Plus it holds my stuff!  On race day I need a place for my car key, my driver's license, chap stick and I always end up carrying something for a friend of mine, yes the same friends who laugh at me then need my fuel belt!  Losers.  Even Jess got in on the laughing when he saw me put it on for my run.  And then I swear when I was out running complete strangers were snickering...I think I'm getting a complex!

I cropped as much of my body out as possibly, hence why it is so blurry. 

So yesterday I went on my long run for the week, 6 miles.  I used Map My Run to lay it out before I left and I feel that it helped a lot.  I had to change my route a bit because of a crosswalk being closed, but all in all it was a really great run!  I didn't run it fast, I just took my time and tried to stay steady and focused and it felt awesome, one of my best runs.  Not in pace or time, but in overall physical well being.  I took a GU, Peanut Butter, during my run mainly because I really wanted to try one and what better time (excuse) then my first 6 miler.  It was good and easy to eat while I was running and I felt that it gave me that extra boost I needed to finish my run strong and feeling great.  

This what one looks like after their first 6 miles 

Someone get that girl some hair product and eye make-up STAT!

Do you notice something missing from my arm?  Probably not.  Almost out of my neighborhood yesterday I realized I didn't bring my music, gasp?!?!?!  Do I turn around and get it, nah, lets try this without it!  At first I was super bummed and then remembered that my play list is just played out and it needs to be revamped.  I was able to have my mind focus on what my legs were doing and enjoy the quiet and it was really peaceful.  Will I never run with music again?  No.  I love listening to music when I run, but its nice to know I can do a long run without it.  

When I got home I stretched (laid on the floor) while Lucy did her inspection. 

Where you go for so long? 

Wow Mom, your feet smell worse than my friends butts!

This morning I got up and did my 30 Minute Shred and that was it, tomorrow I'll get back to running but today my knees kinda hurt so I'll rest them.  And the sun was up before 7 this morning, woop!  So excited for summer running!  

Happy Monday!  Little tidbit about me, I actually love Mondays.  I know, weird right?!  

Who else did their long run this weekend?  

How long was it?  

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