Monday, March 19, 2012

Pacing Pacing Pacing

I hope you all had a nice weekend!  It was pretty good around here, got in a couple good runs and spent time with my family.  My favorite running store was also having their big sale this weekend so I decided to take the leap and get a watch to help me track my pace and mileage, I got the Nike+ Sportband.

The main reason I picked this particular watch was price, with it being on sale it was only 50$ and that just couldn't be beat (I could use the money saved to buy a Starbucks...shhh don't tell Jess).  What I like about the watch is that it will track my run easily, as you can see the piece comes out and plugs right into my computer and connects to a website where my basic running information is stored.  The oblong orange and white sensor attaches to my shoe and its all very easy for me to do on my own.  Which is good because I am really technically challenged, that is Jesse's job around here and he loves it.  Its comfortable on my wrist and I was able to read it while I was running really easily.  I haven't been tracking my pace at all since I started running (I know seriously and I call myself a runner) so I am excited to get out there and see what I am doing.    

Another thing I need to get back into is working out with this girl 


I've been using her 30 day shred for a while and I really like it, I've had this DVD for 3 weeks and used it once...just keeping it real folks.  I prefer running what can I say.  BUT I want to be in shape overall and I know working my muscle groups and strengthening my body will be beneficial with my half and full marathons.  Tonight I will do this, or else Jillian will kick my ass.  Heck I'll kick my ass!  

What are some of your favorite at home workouts?  

- Mine are Jillian's DVD's   

Do you have a preference of at home workouts or the gym? 

- I have been contemplating getting a gym membership mainly for their group workouts but I don't know if I am ready to commit, I have gym commitment phobia.  I wonder if that's a real thing...would my insurance cover it?! I kid, I kid.

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