Saturday, March 17, 2012

I ♥ Saturdays

Don't you want to just run through this field?  I do, it looks so tranquil, ready for a trip back home! 

I love Saturdays for a reason probably a lot different from other people, but runners get it, I love Saturdays because for me it is a guaranteed run day.  I am part of a program right now called Portland Fit that helps train for half or full marathons.  Currently our group run days are on Saturday mornings and they make my weekend start off on the right foot (no pun intended).  I look forward to Saturday morning like a kid looks forward to the last day of school, except mine comes every week!  Getting up in the morning before the kids, the husband or even my pug are awake is such a treat.  I can get ready so quickly that most of the time I feel like I've forgotten something and circle before remembering that it only takes a minute to get myself dressed, its the dressing of everyone else (including the husband) the eats up all the time.  So after downing the coffee and grabbing my stuff I am in the car and moving before one of the girls would have even made it out of the garage.  The roads are clear and I am driving towards a run, I crank up my music and I make mental notes of every song I want to add to my playlist.  It is heaven.  When I get to Portland Fit there is a group of coaches and runners just waiting to get started, they all can't wait to hit the pavement.  We learn about hydration and proper foot wear and then we run.  It is such a motivating environment and most everyone has a smile on their face because they are also happy to be there, maybe for the same reason as me or something else entirely.  Plus coming home after a run and a morning of calm is so refreshing, my girls rush me like I've been gone all week and the husband is also happy to see me, but I can't help but see the relief in his eyes, HA!  So grateful to have found Portland Fit and so grateful for my Saturday mornings.        

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