Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I've Finally Fallen for You

I did my 3 mile recovery run this morning, I have to be honest I had no idea what a recovery run was until I finally asked Sharol on Saturday while we were at breakfast.  Now I know!  So I did it this morning with the rain and the dark, I know I am so hard core right?!  No not really, but I felt like it :)

While I was out feeling all sorts of cool and together I fell.  
No that isn't me, but this is about as dramatic as I was about it.

I tripped over a raised part of the sidewalk and went flying, I am sure it was rather comedic to the people driving by and the person who was taking their morning walk behind me.  Heck I even laughed at myself once I inspected everything and saw that to my dismay, no blood.  How hard core cool would I have been if I walked back into the house with bloody hands! Jess would have had all sorts of respect for me...instead he looked at my hands and said "are you sure you fell?" LOL, at least I think I am a rock star.

Now that guy knows how to take a fall!  All face baby!

That was my excitement for the morning, it was actually rather good it happened because literally right before falling I was thinking to myself that I had nothing interesting to share with ya'll this morning, thank you running gods!

What's been your worst injury from running?
My scraped hands barely count as an injury, dang!

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