Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Coming To You From The Windy City!

Good morning, have ya'll got a run in yet?  I wonder how many people out there are morning runners, I never thought I could get to that point where I was running in the morning, but yet here I am!  Lucky you!  EVERY morning when my alarm goes off at 5:30 I think to myself, there is no way not today, today I am going back to bed and for almost 2 weeks I have forced myself to stay awake put on my running shoes and head out the door.  After a good month I would like to start getting up at 5, by then the sun should be up by 6 and I could get an even earlier start on my busy day!  Yahoo!  LOL...believe it or not I am only on my first cup of coffee.
Can you believe I have no make up on in this picture, I know I should look into building my modeling portfolio...

  Sarah woke up as I was playing with my webcam, the girl loves technology! 

On the books this morning was 45/Hill, which in Portland Fit lingo means I am suppose to run for 45 minutes doing hill circuits, really guys?  Hills!!!  UGH.  Well I did them, unhappily, I had to talk myself up every hill and on the way down convince myself to go back up it again.  On my way down the 2nd time there was a fire hydrant in the distance and I thought I would push myself to run really hard to that point, I kid you not that thing sprouted legs and was running from me!  I could not get there for the life of me, when I finally did I told it off, how dare it run from me! 

I could tell it was windy this morning, as I walking out the front door I realized just how windy.  On my warm up before heading up my hills I was even more convinced of how much I didn't want to do hills with this stupid wind when I saw that the soccer goals from the school were blown into the street...really mother nature, really on my hill day?!  Jerk.  Anyway, I got it done and was somehow dripping sweat even though I was in the tumble cycle of a cold dryer.  

Last night I picked up some whey protein powder from Target (or as Jess would call it "Beef Cake", said in his muscle man voice).  I've been struggling trying to figure out what the heck to eat before my morning runs, nothing big or that takes much time had to be the solution and luckily protein powder will do just that for me.  Mix it up with some almond milk and I am good to go!  I felt much better on my run this morning with something to fuel me, what can I say I am a hungry girl, always have been and always will be.  

Well we are off to get ready for the day, going to be a good one! 

What was your workout this morning? 

See anything interesting while you were out? 

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