Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Train Like A Mother!

Good morning! 

I had a really great running week last week and got out there 5 times for a total of 29 miles.  Friday I ran my long run, 12 miles, and it was my best run of the week.  I felt strong the entire time and never felt the urge to cut it short.  I am notorious for cutting my long runs short when I am running them alone.  

After my run I grabbed an iced coffee and jumped in an ice bath for a few minutes.  Ice baths are new to me but the last couple of times I've done one after a long run I find my recovery is much quicker.  I vote YES for ice baths, iced coffee and compression socks.  I did a nice and easy recovery run on Saturday and took Sunday and Monday for rest days, they were glorious.  

This morning I wasn't feeling my normal ready to get back at it mojo but I finished my cup of coffee and trudged out there.  This will come as a shock but I actually feel 100 times better after my run this morning.  It is rare for me to not feel better after a run.

I am starting to throw in some speed work during my runs and today was as good a day as any!  One of my favorite forms of speed work is doing strides.  Strides (for me) are 20-40 second bursts that I throw in 3-4 times during my somewhat easy run, 4-5 miles.  During my stride I'll push to 80% and then slow down to my comfortable pace until I am ready for another set.  This morning actually ended up being a negative split run also which was a pleasant surprise.  I started at a 9:41 mile and ended with my fastest mile being an 8:56 for the win!  I learned about strides while I was keeping up my training in Michigan and following Train Like A Mother Half Marathon Own It Plan.  

In September I'll be starting their 5K Own It Plan, I'll be tweaking it to make it work in conjunction with my Half Marathon training.  My good friend's husband has challenged me to a 5K on Thanksgiving and at first I sort of brushed him off and didn't think he would really put much effort out...I was wrong.  I am not worried because I know if I follow a training plan and get my speed work in each week I'll be golden and score a new 5K PR, it is all positive thinking right?!  I guess if I lose I can drown my sorrows in food and booze and also put my house up for sale because they are also our neighbors and he will NEVER let me live it down, ever.  Ah good times :)      

In other news my mom received a letter yesterday from the Navy with my brother's address at Boot Camp!  I have a Polaroid camera and I am glad I'll be able to include a picture with the letters we send him.  Lucy wanted to include her bone in the picture, she carries it around with her everywhere!  The girls love the Polaroid and think it is so cool the picture just pops out like that, I love it too.  

When was the last time you wrote a hand written letter? 

Did anyone you knew growing up have a Polaroid? 

When do you do your long run?  Friday, Saturday or Sunday? 
-I prefer Friday but anything over 15 miles and I get lonely.  I'll do anything 15+ with a group or with my BRF (Best Running Friend)! 


  1. It's really funny but the other day I used the phrase "Shake it like a Polaroid picture" on my blog and my mother's cousin who used to work for Polaroid commented that you should never shake a Polaroid picture. She didn't get the pop culture reference but she did have a Polaroid camera when I was growing up! Good news about your bro! :)

    1. I remember hearing that you aren't suppose to shake a Polaroid, LOL! It was fun getting a letter out to him, my mom said we might get a call this weekend!

  2. The last time I wrote a hand written letter was last year. And that was in relations to getting my divorce. My printer was fubar and I needed to post the letter off asap, so it meant writing it be hand.
    I've written a few hand written notes but not letters since then.
    I never knew anyone with a Polaroid, but yes I think of the "hey ya" song too.

    Oh and guess what I do my long runs on a Monday!


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