Thursday, July 18, 2013

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Yesterday was a run rest day and suppose to be a cross training day but I think you can see where that is going.  I actually stopped doing any cross training for the last couple of months because I was starting to get overwhelmed with fitting everything in.  I was trying to do way too much along with my running routine and it was a little ridiculous.  Now I am realizing that running is my heart and where I want 90% of my fitness to go and I'll cross train once per week to help avoid injury.  Before this realization I was attempting to do 30 miles per week along with 3 days of cross training which is much more of a time commitment than I have available.  I would rather be able to run further in the morning then cut it short because I have to get in my cross training too.  I also know that if I am not up before the girls to run or cross train than I can forget about it for the rest of the day.  Yesterday I made the mistake of hitting snooze and ended up bagging it, whomp whomp.  I currently wake up at 5:30 and will probably start moving that up to 5:00 soon because that extra 30 minutes in the morning would be really beneficial.  Like most of you with kids you know that once they are up and running it becomes almost impossible to accomplish anything else.  The lesson learned from yesterday is that I can't hit snooze!

I feel like we need a cute picture after all that brain purging 

I read quite a few blogs before starting my own and continue to read even more I find along the way.  The blogs that I really enjoy are the ones that are running centered and I feel a connection with the writer.  Some of the blogs I have read for a while are starting to take a different direction and I am finding myself more and more turned off from reading them.  I understand that everyone needs to make a living and I am all about vouching for products and companies that I really love too but sometimes it can be a bit much.  

    I love my Mizunos! 

 There are many bloggers who have a good balance of sponsored posts versus everyday posts.  I enjoy a sponsored post every now and then but feel there is a fine line.  When the product makes sense to the blog and their reader then I can really appreciate the information.  When the product is completely random and doesn't have any value to the blog's reader I find myself annoyed.  It has really got me thinking about where I want to take my blog and what I am comfortable with in regard to sponsored posts, ads, etc.  There was a lot of sessions covering this topic at Fitbloggin' and I learned quite a bit about the business side of blogging and working with brands.  Since I have recently started receiving inquires from companies about giveaways and talking about their products on my blog the conference could not have came at a better time.  Granted there are certain brands out there I have some mad love for and I'll pimp their product with our without any sort of incentive.  If I believe in a product or company I am going to talk about them and give them credit where credit is due.  

Pro Compression Marathon socks are the bomb diggity!

Will you see sponsored posts on my blog from time to time, yes, but they will be from companies that I hold in high regard.  There are certain products and companies I already know will not make an appearance on my blog and I love that I have the freedom to make that choice.  Honestly what I want more than anything from my blog is to create a place of motivation and inspiration for everyone.  I have written this blog for almost 2 years and have never received a dime for it, I really just enjoy writing and sharing my running experiences with anyone who wants to read it.  My ultimate dream and hopefully my eventual reality is to be working as a (paid) freelance writer and one day publish a book.  I have a lot of time to accomplish my goals and right now my current focus are my girls and my family, and running! 

I really value your opinion, which is why I am asking!
How do you feel about reading sponsored posts? 

Do side bar ads on a blog bug you or do you even notice? 

Are there any topics in particular you would like to see covered? 


  1. You said bomb-diggity! :)
    Sponsored posts can seem natural, and they can also seem unnatural. There are blogs I've stopped following because they do giveaways and reviews so regularly that I wonder where THEY have gone in the process!
    That said, when I respect a blogger and know that she is being transparent, I don't mind a product review or a giveaway.
    Someone somewhere had two blogs, I'm sure. They have their happy-face giveaway sponsored blog for $$ and their regular-face (often happy) regular-person blog for friends and family.

    1. That is an interesting idea to have 2 blogs. Pro Compression socks are the bomb diggity! I agree with being honest with the people reading your blogs and having the products flow with your blog's message.

  2. I loved this post! Seeing a lot more people being over-sponsored, I really think it transforms your blog into more of an ad. Not a fan at all! Like Stephanie, I stop reading blogs when there's too much of it and I really try to keep my space about me and my adventures,

    1. I've been thinking a lot about all of that since Fitbloggin'. I love writing my blog and will continue to do so regardless of a sponsor or ads or whatever. I've been contacted by a few races about promoting their race and that is something I do feel comfortable with because it is something I do anyway and I know that I like to read about a race before signing up. You can trust I'll be honest in my recaps!


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