Friday, June 7, 2013

The Day & Night Before a Half Marathon

Good morning!  

Monday - 5 miles 
Tuesday - 5.5 miles & Summer Shape Up
Wednesday - 3 miles 
Friday - 4.4 miles & Summer Shape Up 

This is the first week of Fitnessista's Summer Shape Up Challenge and I am telling you her workouts are no joke.  Wow.  I modified today's workout and cut out the leg work because of the Helvetia Half tomorrow morning.  The plan for tomorrow's race is basically just to have a good time running with Katie.  Both of us achieved some really great PR's at last month's Rock Roll Half Marathon and want to enjoy that for a while longer.  I guess you could say our plan for tomorrow is no plan at all other than have a great time on the course and enjoy our burgers at the finish!  

Tips for the day and night before a half or full marathon: 
- Hydrate.  Drink a lot of liquids, preferably water, but anything unsweetened and not soda will do the trick.  
- Don't stress out if you don't get a great night sleep, you aren't going to fall asleep on the course.  It is more important you were able to get a restful night sleep a couple days before your race. 
- Carbing up is a personal thing, some people avoid carbs like I avoid mopping my floors.  I personally love carbs and have no problem adding in a few extra over the week.    
-  Eat a light dinner the night before so that you can avoid any "surprises" on the course 
- Lay everything you'll want for your race day the night before.  Some people pin on their bib but I wait to do that because I have to wear it to get it on straight.  
- Don't forget your sunscreen!     
- When you are out and about the day before make sure you have gas in your car.  It drives me crazy to get in my car in the morning of a race and have to stop and get gas.  

Okay that is all I have for you!  Lots to do today and Katie is coming over for a sleepover tonight, we have a pretty early wake up call tomorrow.  

Friday Check-In!  
- What are you doing this weekend to keep with your goals?  
- Have you checked out Fitnessista's Summer Shape Up Challenge?  You should! 
- Join our Plank-A-Day challenge for the month of June on Instagram and Twitter, hashtag #plankaday



  1. I'm excited to read your race-recap. I put my shirt on and pin on the bib the night before. I'm too groggy and irritated with early rising to fumble with pins :)
    Getting gas in the car and NO SODA are great suggestions, too!

    1. I'll have my recap up on Monday, had an awesome half today :)


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