Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Helvetia Half Marathon Preview

Good morning!  

It is National Running Day!  Did you get out there?  I did a fun 3 miles this morning in the sunshine.  Normally I am a 4 day a week runner but with the beautiful summer mornings I am adding in some extra days.  I do it mainly for the pure enjoyment of being out in the morning and feeling energized for the day.  Running in the morning just sets me up to have a good day, I feel like I have already accomplished something important to me and I can handle anything tossed my way.  How does running make you feel?

My favorite race picture 

I am so excited for this weekend I can hardly contain myself!  

The Helvetia Half Marathon was my first Half last year and it holds a special place in my little runner's heart.  It is put on by Paula of Run with Paula Events and is really organized.  You can tell she takes a lot of pride in her events and wants everyone to be successful and have a good time.  The best part about this particular race?  The Helvetia Tavern burgers waiting for us at the finish!  Helvetia is a small unincorporated town that's claim to fame is their Helvetia Tavern Burger, if you haven't been out there GO!  

Inhaling my veggie Helvetia Tavern burger last year

The Helvetia Half Marathon was voted the best Half Marathon in 2012 by Competitor Magazine's Reader Poll.  This doesn't surprise me with everything offered pre-race, on the course and once you complete your race.  The race starts and finishes at the the Hillsboro Stadium and travels through some of the most beautiful parts of the countryside.  Granted the Helvetia Half is known for its hills so I wouldn't go into it hoping for a PR but just looking for a good time with your best running buddies.  

On Course 
On course they have lots of porta potties, seriously a lot.  This year they'll be offering water and Heed at the aid stations and at mile 5.8 and 7.3 (random) they'll have Cliff Shot available.  They will also have pace leaders from 7:45 min/mile up to 12:30 min/mile so everyone is covered!  Look for runners with balloons at the start line to find your pace leader.  

Packet Pick Up & Gear Check 
You can pick up your race packet and bib on Thursday 10-8 and Friday 10-6 at Portland Running Company on Scholls Ferry Road in Beaverton.  They will have packet pick up on race morning along with gear check so that is always an option.  I remember last year's gear check was really easy and they were handing me my bag before I even had to ask for it.    

Getting There 
Personally I like to carpool because driving to a race and getting pumped up with your friends is the best.  There is plenty of parking but carpooling just makes it so much easier.  I suggest arriving by 6:30 so you have ample time to do all the things you need to do *ahem* go to the bathroom a few times.  Oh is that just me?

Aside from those pesky hills there isn't much about this race I don't like.  Let me know in the comments if you'll be there too!  

Half #3 is almost here! 


  1. Could I still sign up for the Heletia run?

  2. Helvetive run.
    My email is

  3. I believe you can register at Portlanf Running Company tomorrow and Friday!

  4. This sounds like a great race! A burger at the end of the race would only come in 2nd place to pizza, I think!! :) Hope you had a great race!

    1. Today was an awesome race, thank you! The burger was so good, we had pizza last night :) Pizza and burgers are my favorite junk food too!


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