Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Getting Up Early : Time Management Series


When I started this series the end of June seemed like a world away.  Every month seems to go by quicker than the last doesn't it?  That is one of the reasons I decided to do this series, we all have the same amount of time and we all can agree it goes by so fast.  I realized as my girls started to get older and sleep through the night I could get up early and accomplish some things before they were awake.  

Granted since I've been in Montana the last few days I haven't been setting my alarm for the usual 5:15 wake up call, but I am on vacation right?!  Getting up early was a struggle and it took me a long time to finally get use to it.  It was hard for me to get to bed before midnight and that made the mornings challenging.  Now that we are getting into summer and the sun is up when my alarm goes off I can get out of bed a lot easier.  I love being able to drink a cup of coffee and head out for my run before anyone else is awake.  Being able to get in 5-8 miles and be home before 8 sets me up to have a good day.  

The morning for most people is a very quiet and peaceful time of their day.  There aren't many phone calls to take, emails to respond to or disasters to fix.  The morning is a great time of day to get yourself both mentally and physically ready for the day ahead.  My best days are the ones where I am up at 5:15 and in bed by 10:00, go ahead and say it, I live like a retired person (Grandma).  

Tips to Help Ease Into Early Mornings  
- Set a bedtime alarm to remind you it is time to wind down (Laura Vanderkam's Advice!) 
- Set your morning alarm 10-15 minutes earlier each day till you are at your desired wake up time 
- Try to avoid stimulating activities at night so you are able to fall asleep earlier 
- Do not hit snooze!  Do not pass GO!  I put my alarm in my bathroom so I have to actually get up to turn it off.   
- Plan your favorite activity for the morning hours so you look forward to the wake up.  For me it is my cup of coffee and my run, nothing else takes up that time, minus a sick kid.  

If getting up early is something you've been wanting to add into your daily routine but you feel like you just aren't a morning person at least give it a try.  I was anything but a morning person my entire life up until this pass year.  Just like anything new it takes time, practice and patience.  I am sure you will be hating me and my perky morning attitude but trust me you'll be there soon too!  

In other fun Time Management Series news at the end of this series I'll be doing a GIVEAWAY!  I'll hold a random drawing to see who will win a free copy of Laura Vanderkam's Book 168 Hours.  Get excited!  

Honesty is the best policy, what time do you get up in the morning? 

What time you do wish you got up in the morning? 

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  1. 5:35am I naturally woke up
    5:45am the alarm went off
    5:55am I dragged myself out of bed and did my yoga.

    Oh I should mention it was like 2c |35f so yeah cold.

    What time did I wish I got up, anytime after 7am would have been wonderful.

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