Thursday, June 13, 2013

28 Miles!

Good morning!  

It has been a slow week in blog-land for me, well in run-land too but we'll get to that later.  Nike has me as a rockstar this week though!  28 miles, ya sure I'll take that even though it has actually been 10!   

After Saturday's half I've been really sore so I've done a 2 runs and am just taking it easy this week.  The girls had their last day of preschool on Tuesday so I took that as a great excuse to get some froyo, like we need a reason.

I just love being their mom and spending my days with them, it just doesn't get better than two 4 year old little girls.

At school Katherine's teacher gives each student an award that celebrates something about them as a individual, this woman is incredible.  Katherine received the "Precious Picasso Award" because the girl loves all things art.  I am going to be creating an art station in our extra room for her to use this summer instead of her usual covering my entire island in the kitchen. 

Yesterday was our car maintenance day, yuck.  I hate car maintenance, I am always certain they are going to find something drastically wrong with the vehicle.  Luckily that wasn't the case and they put on Sesame Street for my girls, A to the Men.  

It has been a good week just hanging out with the girls and getting caught up on life stuff.  I am really looking forward to this summer.  It is going to be crazy busy but filled with so many amazing things.  We have a family reunion on Jesse's side in Montana, my not so little brother is heading off for the Navy and I have 3 half marathons on the calendar all before school starts back up again.  Add in dance, the girls summer day camps and my first blogging conference and this summer is going to fly by!  

Just a heads up that Google Reader is getting close to shutting down.  I really like Bloglovin' and you can find me on there.  So if you follow me on Google Reader be ready for it to be closing down next month.  You'll like Bloglovin' I promise!  

What blog reader do you use? 

Do you keep up on all of your car maintenance?  
- I swear I drive so much that every time I turn around I am at the mileage to something. 

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  1. Your fro-yo looks yummy!
    Glad you got to spend some QT with your girls. :)


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