Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Lululemon Running Skirt Review and New Goals!

Good morning! 

Monday - Rest Day 
Tuesday - 5 mile shake out and Push 1 (CT) 

After I get this post up and before we head to Costco I am going to do a ladder run on the treadmill.  I fell off my speed work since we've gotten home so it is time to get back to it.  The treadmill and track are my preferred way to get in speed work and since it is windy and cold here this morning it'll be the treadmill.  I spent enough time in the cold this year thank you very much.  

Michigan Flashback

Since I've done a couple runs and a half marathon in my Lululemon Pace Setter Running Skirt I thought I would give a quick review of what I thought.  

At first I was a little weary of a running skirt because I know how annoying it is for me to run in shorts.  I like that the skirt has shorts underneath with plastic grips all around the bottom.  

There are two small pockets in the front and one larger zipper pocket in the back.  

Overall I would buy this skirt again, I am happy with the way it fits and the coverage.  I also like the option to buy it in tall so it is a little longer.  Katie has it in black and because I basically do everything she does I bought it in black too.  Now I want the bright pink one that this skinny chick wore last weekend.  The Lulu Pace Setter skirt is a good skirt and I like that it isn't as heavy as some other running skirts I've checked out.   I do have thighs that touch (oh my!) and was nervous the shorts would ride up really bad but they didn't.  They came up a little bit but not so much that it was uncomfortable.  2 thumbs up!

Okay, goals, we all have them and want to achieve them but if we don't actually work towards that is just lame.  Every successful person will tell writing down your goals and sharing them with people will keep you accountable and working towards them.  Of course a lot of my goals are related to my running and what better place to share them than on my running blog :)

- Incorporate at least 1 speed training workout into my weekly plan 
- Nervous putting this out there but that is the whole point:
 I would like to get a 2:10 Half before the end of the year, hence the speed work! 
-   Improve my pace in a 5K to a 9 minute mile, yikes! 

OK there they are for the world to see!  I mean all 23 of you who read my blog :)  Thank you for that BTW!  I really love writing my blog and love reading your comments.  It is nice to know someone out there who is not married to me actually reads it!   

Share one of your running goals with me! 

If you do speed work what is your favorite?  Tempo, Treadmill, Track? 


  1. You said two things that were music to my ears about this skirt... "thighs that touch" and "It comes in a tall."

    1. LOL! I know right?! But honestly who's thighs don't touch? :) It isn't an inexpensive piece of running clothing but it does live it to its reputation.


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