Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Check-In: 80/20

Good morning!  

Wednesday - Push 2, Run Rest 
Thursday - 11 miles split up, 6 before preschool 5 during preschool  
Friday - Push 3 

I had planned* on doing my 5 mile speed work run this morning until Jess informed me at 10:30 last night he had to leave this morning at 6:30.  OK no big deal I write everything in pencil so it might not happen this week and I am good with that.  I am feeling really motivated this week with my Chalean and remembering how much I love the Push Phase of her 90 day workout plan so still a successful week, glass is half FULL!

So it is a long weekend for most of us, well I should clarify for you folks who work for a living it is a long weekend.  My life has been one long weekend since January 19th 2009.  


I want to start doing a Friday Check-In with you guys to see how our week went and what are some plans to keep the weekend healthy.  I believe in an 80/20 philosophy even though this week it has been 20/80 and I need to reign that in a bit.  I don't talk a lot about food because this isn't a food blog it is a running blog but it all goes hand in hand.  I focus on healthy eating 80% of the time, try to stay away from a lot of sugars and focus on my favorite veggies.  The other 20% of the time I just have fun, I enjoy time with my friends and family and allow myself whatever sounds good.  I also don't drink many of my calories, meaning I drink mostly water, unsweetened coffee and not a lot of alcohol.  I do allow myself my favorite beer on the weekends unless it is the night before a race or long training run.  I love red wine but one glass and I am seriously ready to dance on the table, it is ridiculous.  

22nd Birthday?  Oh boy...

Basically I don't like to diet because that isn't long term I don't want to reach some great point in my body and then lose it because I reintroduce foods I had deemed off limits.  I want to get there by living my life and being healthy so it has taken longer but I am getting there and I am really happy with the process.  I also have to share that walking away from the scale and not caring about the number has created a new love for my body.  I know I fluctuate by a few pounds, all women do, and I am glad that I don't have any knowledge of it.  I use to weigh myself everyday and it would determine my mood for the day, no thanks.  It is important to me that my girls grow up knowing how beautiful they are and not determine their self worth based on a number on the scale.  How can I want that for them but not give myself that same treatment?  We all learn by example so I am trying to lead by example.  Our life and health (mostly) is what we make of it and how we treat our mind and bodies, we all deserve happiness in both areas!  It is also only up to us individually to find our happiness in our health you have to create it for yourself, nobody can do it for you.  

Okay onto the point of this post!  It is time for our 1st Friday Check-In!  Are you as excited about this as I am or do you have an actual life?  Ya...thought so ;)  Since I consider myself a writer we are going to try out the What, When, Where & Why format, the Who is you I assume!  

What are you going to do this weekend to keep up your fitness/health goal? 
I have a 5k with Katie, her Dad and my friend's cute daughter, really excited!  

When & Where do you have it scheduled?  Having an plan for the weekend will keep you accountable and on track! 
Sunday morning in Tualatin 

Why did you schedule this workout/run?  
It is the Rum Run (preview tomorrow) and we had a blast last year.  Plus scheduling races keeps me on track with my running goals and I love the atmosphere of  a race!  

OK now it is your turn!  Tell me in the comments the What, When, Where & Why of your weekend goal.  Don't think nobody cares because maybe you'll give another person an idea or inspire them to try something new.  Also putting it out there makes it real and harder to just skip, writing down and sharing your goals makes a big difference in achieving them.  Please share! 


  1. Love your check-in idea.

    I am running a 5K this weekend with my husband and two friends, and then our kids will run the fun run (with us) afterwards.

    It's on Monday morning, in a nearby town. '

    I scheduled this run because it was a few weeks after I was scheduled to graduate from C25K and it seemed like it would give me time to be perfectly prepared. Plus, all finishers get a medal :)

    1. I love that you'll all get a medal! I love getting a medal, my girls always say "Mom! You won!" LOL!


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