Thursday, May 16, 2013

Half Marathon Taper Love


It is taper week around here and normally I am not a fan but this time I sort of love the taper.  I ran 5 miles on Wednesday and today I did an easy 3 while the girls were in preschool.  I completely over dressed and couldn't figure out why the run felt so ridiculously difficult until I finished.  I rarely see a pace under 10 for my training runs so that explains it!

I considered not running at all today but my plan was to run 10 miles this week plus the Rock and Roll Half.  They (whoever they are) recommend running 60% less than your usual mileage on a taper week, I am not good at math so I just decided I would get in 10 miles at some point before Sunday.  I should seriously become a running coach I am so disciplined.

Advice from people who actually know something: 

  I have 2 miles planned for Saturday that I'll run in the morning and fingers crossed I'll be ready to go Sunday.  I also decided instead of my usual cross training with Chalean I'll do one cross training session with Jillian which I did yesterday.  Do you like how I talk about them like I actually take classes from them personally.  Next week I start the next 30 day phase with Chalean and I am really looking forward to the Push Phase.  Heavier weights, quicker results, boom!  I do miss my Barre classes but I can't justify paying money for strength training when I already shell out enough on running gear and race fees.      

A few other things to remember a few days before a race is to hydrate.  Your pee doesn't have to be clear or anything but drink up and stay hydrated, your body will thank you later.  

Cut back on a lot of high fiber foods a couple days before so you can I have to say it, lets just say avoid the porta potty during the race.  Start getting your stuff together a couple days before your race that way if you are missing or need to change something you have time.  Relax and don't stress, this won't be your only race there will be plenty of others so have a good time!  

Do you have any other tips you want to share with the class?  

Do you like taper week or is it a challenge for you? 
- I normally don't like it but this time it has been really stress free 

Can you believe next weekend is Memorial Day?!

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