Monday, April 8, 2013

Sleeping Babies


We made it to Montana and I could have cried when we took off from Michigan, I was so excited to start our trip home.  Our first flight was almost empty and I had Katherine.  She was asleep before our flight even took off so I was able to finish my book, 168 Hours, and even listen to the start of a podcast.  

Saturday was our family "Easter" and we had a big lunch with everyone.  
I ate about 4 too many of these

I have also been drinking a lot of this 

Whenever we are traveling I try to drink a lot of water and adding these little packets helps.  I've usually always bought the orange flavors but the pink box was just calling my name this time.  

I've been able to sneak in a couple runs but keeping them short and slow.  Since I am starting to transition back to running outside and also healing my pulled hamstring I am not pushing it.  It hasn't been easy because it feels so good to be outside doing what I love, but I am trying to focus long term.  

I am borrowing wifi off of my MIL's phone to be able to blog, I have to admit it has been nice having a little break from all of the technology, but I missed my blog baby!  

Did you have a good weekend, go for any long runs?  

Any races this weekend?  
- My half is getting closer everyday and I am so excited! 

Do you ever take technology time outs?  

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