Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Last Day in Michigan!

Good morning!  

It is our last day in Michigan!  I am so excited I cannot even express it in words.  Tomorrow we will be on a plane heading to Montana, eek!  While Montana isn't technically home because our house is in Oregon, Montana has become a 2nd home to me in every definition of the word.  It'll be nice to see the family before we drive home and get settled back in Oregon.  I have so many things I want do and people I want to see I know those first few weeks back are going to be filled!  So fun!  

My 2 favorite runners better have their running gear ready to go!  

I got up this morning and headed to my private gym for one more run on my trustee treadmill.  

I used the same treadmill for the entire time we were here, mainly because it was the closet to the fan.  I think you'll miss my awkward gym bathroom photos the most.  

Since today and tomorrow will be taken up with either running errands or on a plane we made sure to have some play time yesterday at the park.  Finally at 3:30 the temperature hits it high and it was a balmy 40 degrees.  It is suppose to be close to 60 today which only makes sense in Murphy's Law.  When we arrived it was the coldest day in Plymouth they had experienced in years and today is their warmest day of the year thus far.  

The girls are watching one last cartoon before I have to start boxing up our cable boxes and modem to ship back to Comcast.  It is probably a good thing my phone is gigantor and I can get my internet fix with it.  

The internet in Montana is spotty at best and I don't get any data coverage there because T Mobile is so cool.  I'll be checking in as much as possible and should hopefully be able to still post everyday.  There are a few people I can sponge internet off of if I ask really nice.  I am also going to try and get some runs in but my leg is still healing.  I took it really easy this morning and stretched a lot before and after.  I can still feel it although it isn't really painful anymore, just a dull annoyance.  Progress right?!  So I will be continuing to stretch, ice, repeat for the next week with a few slow runs tossed in.  It took a lot of will power to slow it down on the treadmill this morning.  I really wanted to do my normal progression run but knew that wouldn't help anything.  The Rock and Roll Half is in 45 days so while I have plenty of time I don't want to push it too quickly and then not be able to run at all.  Plus I also have the Helvetia Half just a month later and I really do not want to miss that one!  OK off to finish up the last of our boxes and tie on bow on this adventure!  

  In case I don't get on here tomorrow, what are your running plans for this weekend?  

Has Spring shown up where you live?  

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  1. after giving us a taste of spring last weekend, mother nature gave us canadians the finger by turning down the temperature and giving us blustery winter weather since monday. however, today is going to be 9C so i'm going to go for a run after work!


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