Monday, April 1, 2013

I've Decided to Give Up Running

Just Kidding!  April Fools!  

Good morning!  

I headed to the gym this morning to see how the hamstring was feeling and it is getting there.  I could feel it a little bit as I ran so I decided to stop.  I am going to play it extra cautious this week, I would rather take a week off then risk anything serious.  PT appointments, PT bills and my lost sanity aren't worth pushing it.  Instead I focused on some cross training, stretched and walked on the treadmill.  Thank you so much for all of your advice on Friday's post!  Icing and stretching did wonders this weekend!

Did you all have a good Easter?  We did!  The Easter Bunny brought the girls each a new running outfit, or in Katherine's case a jumping outfit.  

We also did an Easter Egg hunt!

And of course dyed some eggs, aren't they beautiful?!

We went out to an Easter buffet instead of cooking a big meal and it was a fun experience.  It was also nice to be able to spend the whole day together instead of me locked away in the kitchen.  Today I am going to get the cleaning process started and get some suitcases packed.  We leave at the crack of dawn Friday morning and I don't like waiting till the last minute.  We are staying in Montana a couple extra days than previously planned but I do believe I'll see Oregon at some point this month.  Seeing all of my friend's pictures this weekend with their green grass and blooming trees is so exciting!  When you are in a place for so long you forget to take in its beauty and I honestly live in one of the most beautiful places in Oregon.  Seriously can not wait to get home!  

I also have to share that I am about 50% of the way through the book 168 Hours and loving it.  Expect a review in the next couple of weeks.  If anyone else is currently reading it I would love to hear your thoughts!  

How was your Easter? 

Did you have a long run this weekend? 

Do you give yourself extra time to heal when you have an injury?  


  1. i took saturday and sunday off from workouts because it was so crazy this weekend! easter was great; lots of amazing family time.

    1. It seemed like everyone had a really good Easter weekend :) I am glad you did too! Taking another day off of running tomorrow, going to try my luck at the elliptical.

  2. Healing is so important. My husband just found out that he doesn't have a stress fracture (AMEN) but he does have to take it easy for a week or more. Even biking and swimming (usual go-to activities) give him some trouble.
    This weekend was amazing ~ a beautiful half-marathon race along the Colorado River!

    1. So glad he doesn't have a stress fracture! Man...that would have sucked. We had a beautiful weekend in Michigan too, still glad it was our last though!


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