Friday, March 29, 2013

How To Make An Early Morning Run Successful

Good morning!  

I am trying to figure out why getting up at 4:15 is easier than 5:30, Katie says it is because my body is so confused.  What Katie doesn't realize is my body is confused 75% of the time.  Regardless I was able to wake up pretty easily this morning and got started on my 14 miles.  Sadly I only made it to 10, boo.  At mile 5 I noticed the back of knee was feeling weird so I stepped of the treadmill to stretch.  At mile 8.5 I noticed it just wasn't fading and seemed to feel worse when I slowed down to walk and drink some water.  I told myself I would go to 10 and decide to continue or be done at the point, well the rest is history.  I stretched and foam rolled before calling it a day.

  To drown my sorrows I headed to Starbucks, as I was walking in I could feel it and it hurt just walking.  Well this can't be you think it needs to be amputated?!  I kid.  Kind of, I really am freaking out a little bit.  

So instead of sharing my stellar 14 mile goal hitting run with you I'll share a couple tips for being able to get out of the door by 4:30 to attempt that run! 

- The first step and probably most important is to go to bed a decent time.  I can't function very well if I don't get at least 6 hours of sleep.  My alarm was set for 4:15 so I headed for bed last night at 9:30.  Not exactly 6 hours, but Tosh.0 was on.    

- Before you go to bed get yourself set up so in the morning you don't have to remember anything.  I lay out all of my clothes from socks to hair ties so I am not looking for anything in the darkness.    

- I put certain items I tend to forget in a place that I can't miss, like my body glide on the back of the toilet 

- I do everything I need for my coffee so all I need to do is push the button  

- I know beforehand what I am going to eat and make sure I have everything so I have no surprises in the morning.  My usual is ezekial toast with butter or avocado and chia seeds.  

- I also like to have my game plan for after my run, once I walk in the door it is game time for me to be mom.  I know ahead of time what my post run fuel is going to be.  At home I love to make smoothies but I don't have a blender to use currently so I bought a few of these the last time they were on sale.  If you are usually bombarded when you get home have something quick you can fall back on.  Have some hard boiled eggs in the fridge you can eat in a crunch, it'll hold you over till you have a minute to make something else.  You can have your protein/recovery drink already mixed and waiting for you in the fridge.  

- Since I've been using the gym at Jesse's office I have been giving myself the extra time to stretch after my runs.  Once I am home and doing my runs around Sherwood again I am going to do my stretches in the garage before I walk in the door.  It is so important to stretch before and after your runs, cannot stress that enough, stretch!  

-Basically be as prepared for your pre, during and post run as possible.  The less you have to think about the less of a chore it'll feel getting out and back into the door.  Also have back up plans and be flexible, not every run is going to go as planned.  Sometimes you'll walk into kids throwing up all over the place and you don't get to sit and eat until dinner time.  It is all part of being a (mother/father) runner, rolling (running) with the punches.  

Today is packing up day!  Hoping to make it to the post office to ship at least a couple of our boxes.  I am trying to get everything done a little earlier than needed.  The less I have to do next Thursday before we fly out the better.  

This is such a sad sight 

We found out yesterday Jess has to fly back here (Plymouth) on the following Monday after we leave, confusing yes?  So I'll be staying in Montana a couple days longer than planned, hoping we'll get Spring weather while we are there!  We will eventually drive home that following Saturday, super excited to be back in my house and in my own bed.  OK back to icing and packing and repeating.  

Tell me about your run today or your future run this weekend!  

What are your plans for Easter?  
- We have an Easter Egg hunt tomorrow and then the Easter Bunny will be visiting us on Sunday! 

Any ideas on what might be going on with my leg?!


  1. I have no idea what's going on with your leg but I'm hoping it gets better! I so need to become that girl that just pops out of bed early in the am. The only problem is that I never go to bed earlier than 11 :(

    1. I use to be the exact same way and could not get to bed before 11. Realizing I would never get a chance to run I changed my schedule lol! It isn't always easy but I never regret getting up early :)

  2. Mmm, behind your knee... I don't know. I hope it clears up soon. Rolling and stretching is always wise! Enjoy your Easter weekend!

    1. Icing as I type! Thank you :) going to rest this weekend, not excited about that.

  3. I am not a Dr, but I have pulled my hamstring a few times. Your hamstring if pulled, always starts in the back of the knee and then will slowly work it's way up (unless it's like a fast pull that starts and pulls up the back of the leg). But don't worry, since it's just behind the knee if it is your hamstring you can heal it real quick. Try a few hamstring stretches (gently) and see if you notice the pull, if you do then that is probably it. Take it easy, keep with the ice, , naproxin might be good too, maybe take a day or two off, and then you should be good to go, just make sure to add hamstring stretches into your daily routine more. Avoid crazy downhills for a while and stick with flat surfaces for a week, and all should be good! Good luck!

    1. Thank you! I think you are exactly right actually. I am icing and will start stretching tomorrow. I really hope it is a quick heal...I love to run and don't want to miss too much.

  4. Hope your leg is nothing serious. It seems to me there are very few things ice, compression and alive cant fix. My Friday run was amazing! Today 8 miles and tomorrow 18 with the husband :)

    Have a great weekend

    1. I am so ready to be home so I can start hitting that high mileage with my running buddy. It is still a little sore this morning so no running tomorrow either, we will see what Monday brings!

  5. so sorry your leg is bugging you; hopefully it's a freak thing and will go away soon.

    i can definitely relate to setting everything up the night before so you can just get to it. i wake every morning at 445/5am to workout and the night before, i pack all of my meals to lug to work, bring my work clothes and workout clothes downstairs (i workout & then shower/get ready in my basement) and set everything up so that i just stumble out of bed and head downstairs.

    ps - getting up that early takes some time getting used to but once you body adjusts and it becomes your regular routine, it wno't be as hard to get out of bed.


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